Why Do Some Children Know All the Answers in Sunday School?

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Do you ever wonder why some children know all the answers to the questions in Sunday School? Maybe it's because their parents have the Living Scriptures Bible story videos. Perfect for any Christian family, these animated stories start with the Old Testament prophets like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Joseph. Then the Living Scriptures New Testament videos continue by portraying the Nativity, many of Christ's best parables and the mission of Paul.

Living Scriptures began in 1974 with dramatized cassette tapes and sales people to maximize profits. From those beginnings, the owners decided to expand their scriptures based products to reflex increased technology. Orson Scott Card, bestselling writer of "Ender's Game" agreed to script a series of Bible story videos with vivid characters, humor and accuracy to the original scriptures. Next, Living Scriptures asked Richard James Rich, animator of "The Swan Princess", to produce these animated stories. Within a few years the Living Scriptures vision became a living thing, and the first animated Living Scripture videos and other products were sold.

Twenty years ago all Living Scriptures products were only available through sales people, that was their business model. Now distribution of the Living Scriptures Bible story videos including those by Orson Scott Card and Richard James Rich are available online at Livingscriptures.com, as well as at any Deseret Book Store.

Since those first animated Bible story videos, Living Scriptures has continued to expand. Their Hero Classics products include two series of twelve videos, also in animated stories. This Living Scriptures historical movie forum introduces children to such great modern hero classics as Washington, Lincoln, William Bradford, Madame Curie and Louie Pasteur. The Hero Classics animated stories focus children's minds on the real heroes in history and is an incredible product that everyone should own.

Living scriptures also makes a variety of products for the Mormon community. In addition to the Bible story videos, Living Scriptures had Orson Scott Card and Richard James Rich also write the Book of Mormon VHS stories. Now available on DVD, these animated stories will give your children an overview of the Book of Mormon that will encourage them to read the scriptures more often. But the Living Scripture products are not just for children.

Another exciting Living Scripture product is their Modern Prophets Hero series. These are not animated stories, but serious docudramas that review each of the prophets today from Joseph Smith to Gordon B. Hinckley. Filled with the best information from the LDS book industry, they also include living footage of the prophets where available, expert historians and re-enactments of significant events. The Living Scriptures Modern Prophet Hero Series, available at most Deseret Book Stores, is really something every Mormon family should own.

If that isn't enough, Living Scriptures has recently acquired another product that is more thrilling still. The docudrama Visit Israel is made up of six tapes with Cleon Skousen, Mormon Historian, who takes us through these videos right to the Holy Lands. With the docudrama Visit Israel, we are able to see parts of Israel and Samaria that you may not be able to visit otherwise due to political unrest. Visit Israel CDs will make a great addition to your personal library. So remember, Living Scriptures isn't just for children anymore.


Living Scriptures

Living Scriptures


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