Why do seniors hate going green?

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Nearly every day, I get mail that asks me if I'd like to switch to paperless statements, online billing, and/or automatic billing. Fewer bills being sent out, and fewer checks being sent back, means that we are all doing our part to save the planet. Sure, going green makes a great commercial, but just think about how much paper is saved when you cut out 12 monthly bills. How many thousands of trees are saved when bills are paid online with credit cards, or through automatic bank account drafting. What do some seniors have against helping the environment!? Why must they fight tooth and nail to receive a monthly bill to send back with a check?

Vivian lived in Georgia. She called me Monday afternoon to talk about how Life Alert could give her peace of mind while she was home alone. "I'm 80 and in relatively good health, but I have high blood pressure and I take medication for my stomach pain," she said. "I live alone and I think it's time I got myself something just in case." I told her it was a great idea, and that the smart thing is to get protected BEFORE something bad happens. We went over the system and how it worked, and found a package just right for Vivian.

"Now would you prefer to use a credit card, or banking information to get things started?" I asked. "Do I have to give you my checking information, because I only like to send out checks," she replied. I explained that Life Alert is a green company, and we do not send bills out in the mail every month. "Plus, with automatic debit, we don't have to worry about checks being lost or stolen - and that includes identify theft," I said. "No, I don't want to do that," she said. "I want a bill sent to me every month and I will send a check every month." I explained that we could accept a check for a year - and give her a month for free, but we do not send bills to our members, it is too wasteful. But Vivian just wouldn't have it.

I know I have grown up in a world of banking, never having a checkbook to balance, and checking my statement online at least once per day. Vivian told me that her social security was deposited into her bank account, instead of receiving a check every month. I tried to explain that it was the same thing with Life Alert, and that on the 3rd of every month, just when her social security was deposited, her monitoring fee would be withdrawn. Simple, easy, and with no room for error, it is good business. And it is very, very green.

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