Why DISH Network is unbeatable compared to DIRECTV?

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DISH Network being the best satellite TV provider in United States of America has a number of features that score over its competitor DIRECTV. Some of these facets are DISH Network’s everyday low price, DISH Network programming choices, economical DISH Network packages, DISH Network TV Everywhere, superior DISH Network technology, its excellent customer service satisfaction and many more.

DISH Network’s Everyday Low Price

DIRECTV can't ever compete with DISH Network's everyday low prices. Just switch on from DIRECTV and select 6 DISH Network packages with everyday prices that cost even less than DIRECTV's basic package. You will get more from DISH Network Satellite TV by paying less for enjoying the most-watched channels in USA.

More DISH Network Programming Choices

DIRECTV offers only half the programming choices that DISH Network offers. By virtue of DISH Network, you don’t ever have to pay more for TV or settle for less as DISH Network gives you more of what you want. DISH Network will jazz up your mood with twice the package choices as DIRECTV, including 6 packages at everyday prices less than DIRECTV's basic packages. The lucrative DISH Network Packages are DISH America @ $24.99 per month (promotional offer) for 1 year, America’s Top 120 @ $29.99 per month (promotional price) for 1 year, America’s Top 120 Plus @ $34.99 per month for 1 year (promotional DISH Network offer), America’s Top 200 @ $39.99 per month for 1 year (promotional DISH Network price), America’s Top 250 @ $49.99 per month for 1 year (promotional DISH Network offer) and lots more.

Economical DISH Network Packages

It is evident from the statistics of 2010, that DISH Network customers saved an average of 20% each month over DIRECTV customers. Turn to DISH Network and pick up from 6 packages that cost less than DIRECTV's basic package. DISH Network is more affordable from day 1 and after 12 months it isn't even close. So if you want to get rid of misleading prices and hidden fees, go for DISH Network Packages. The Choice package of DIRECTV costs $29.99/mo, but the price is only good on one standard-definition TV. Your bill will get doubled halfway through your contract with DIRECTV.

DISH Network TV Everywhere

DIRECTV claims to present superior technology, but only DISH Network lets you enjoy LIVE TV on the go - on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. You can take your TV wherever you are travelling. With DISH Network Satellite TV, the same TV that you watch at home is available on the go - at the touch of a button. And the most important part is that you don’t have to pay any extra monthly charge for it. You can watch TV on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry or Android.

Superior DISH Network Technology

Although DIRECTV claims to offer superior technology, but it is only DISH Network that lets you watch your DISH Network DVR recordings and LIVE TV on the go- from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can watch all DISH Network channels you get with DISH Network, including live sports, local news and everything on your DISH Network DVR.

Excellent DISH Network Customer Service Satisfaction

DISH Network also scores over DIRCETV in terms of customer service satisfaction. DIRECTV received an ‘F’ rating from the Better Business Bureau which is considered to be the lowest grade possible. But DISH Network is renowned for providing the best customer service in USA.

Thus DISH Network is unbeatable compared to DIRECTV. Opt for DISH Network Satellite TV and perk up your leisure in a grand fashion.

DISH Network Satellite TV is unbeatable compared to any other satellite or cable TV provider in USA. Go for satellite TV Programming choices and get fascinated with the best TV entertainment.

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