Why Create Games for Mobile Platforms?

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While console game development and PC game development continue, a relatively new platform for video game creation has emerged: the smart phone. This explains why iPhone Game Development is a hot topic among programmers and video game design studios. But what are the advantages of creating a game for a mobile platform? Here are some of them:

1. A Simpler Development Process

While it still takes effort and work, creating a game for a mobile device is a lot simpler than creating one for the PC. Making games for consoles is even more difficult. The tools for mobile game creation like Android Game Development software are a lot easier to use. Because of this the programming process is more straightforward.

2. Reduced Costs

The whole development costs that come with making a game for mobile platforms are generally lower than what it would cost to create a similar game for the PC or for a console. This is due to many reasons. For one thing the graphics in mobile games are less complex, so they require less of an investment in game art services. Also, many tools that enable Android OS or iPhone game development are available for free. Some are also open source projects. Because the entire game creation process is simpler, you don't need a big team to create a game. In fact, you don't need a team at all, as there are many great mobile games which were created entirely by individual programmers and video game designers. This enables individual programmers and small video game companies to compete with bigger players on the market and be at less of a disadvantage.

3. Easier Distribution and Payment Processing

While digital downloads are gaining steam for PC games, a large number of games are still being sold as physical goods (a DVD or CD with the game on it). This creates additional costs and further complicates the game distribution process, as the gaming company now has to find partners to create the box and media, and then to distribute it to retailers and stores around the world. Mobile platform games do not have this problem, as their distribution is entirely digital. Payment processing has also been simplified. There are many companies which provide mobile billing solutions that let mobile phone users pay for games on their cell phone bill. Also, some types of smart phone have an application store where developers can include their game and make it available for purchase by smart phone users.

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