Why Choose VoIP for Business

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VoIP is becoming an increasingly popular choice for communication as an alternative to the telephone. Some however are still reluctant to switch to a VoIP service as they think that the quality is not that of a regular telephone. This isn't necessarily the case though, and there are many advantages. This is even more the case when it comes to Business VoIP, especially for businesses that make a large number of calls.

As many people are aware VoIP offers cost savings when compared with landline telephones, and especially mobile telephones. Businesses can save a very significant amount. This is even more the case for businesses that make many long distance calls - this is where the real savings can be made. The premium put on long distance (especially international); calls by telephone providers are not a reality with VoIP. This is because VoIP works via a broadband connection so it is less expensive for the provider and therefore the customer. Many packages are just a flat monthly free for a set, or even an unlimited, number of hours. Therefore making a high number of calls could mean significant savings in comparison with using a regular telephone.

This is why call centres often choose to use this technology. They can base their call centres in countries where labour is cheap and use VoIP so they can call internationally at a reduced rate. Some would say the quality of these calls is sometime poor, but this is due to the broadband connection and not simply the fact that a VoIP provider is being used. A better quality broadband connection would result in better quality VoIP.

Maintenance costs are also often lower. In is inexpensive to set up, especially if simply installed onto a computer. VoIP phones, which are similar to telephones in terms of the user experience and look, are more complicated by still relatively cheap. If you already have a broadband connection, which the majority of businesses now do, then there is no need for an extra phone line to be installed. If you move premises there are no high costs involved.

The call quality of VoIP is traditionally poor and has this reputation. It is seen by many as the main disadvantage. This, however, is no longer necessarily the case. Contrary to popular belief a VoIP service can be of just as higher quality as a normal phone service. As mentioned above, it is dependant on the broadband connection. Poor broadband will mean poor VoIP, but a good quality broadband service will mean a good quality VoIP service.

Unlike landline telephones, VoIP can be portable. With VoIP phones this is not the case, but if installed on a laptop, then as long as you have a broadband connection you will be able to use it. If using wireless the quality will depend on the quality of the internet connection.

All the services that are available with a telephone provider are also available with VoIP. Conference calling is easy to perform and other services such as answer phones and forwarding systems are available. Depending on the VoIP provider and the package you choose, you can get fully integrated business systems and extension for different members of staff.

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