Why Choose Digital Camera?

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We all have our own opinion regardless of camera we had or we want to purchase. But I want to provide you my idea on why you must have a digital camera either using it for professional photography, collecting camera or just for the love of taking photos.

Why do you want a digital camera?

Compared with film camera, it's not really a big comparison to have but everyone knows that it is an advantage when you are working on a Digital Camera.

When you decide to purchase a digital camera you have an option of just having Point and Shoot Camera or DSLR digital camera. Now I know you are confused, what is the difference between those two?

Let us start first with Point and Shoot Camera, first thing is that this type of digital camera is less expensive but you can only work on one lens for this camera.

Now with DLSR digital camera, although it is more expensive you can work or interchange with different lenses, like it is advisable for professional photographer to use.

Having a digital camera you can work on the features it offers like, Amount of Megapixels, Optical Zoom, Shutter Speed, ISO Settings, Scene Modes, LCD and Flash.

Let us discuss the following for us to fully understand how digital camera is more beneficial.

Amount of Megapixels, basically the higher the MP (Megapixels) the larger the size of the photo can be printed. Most professional photographers tweak on this depending on the situation.

Optical Zoom, basically the higher the optical zoom number, the closer you will be able to focus and shoot a subject.

Shutter Speed, this helps whenever you are shooting a quick moving objects, from sports, birds and others.

ISO Settings, High ISO settings are typically used when you are taking photos in dimly lit or dark situations. But not all camera produces high quality pictures, before purchasing a digital camera always consider high ISO settings.

Scene Modes, Operates on the setting you would like your camera to adopt.

LCD, all digital cameras offer this feature.

Flash, automatic flashes usually work for a specific distance.

These are some features of most digital camera which means there are other features here that are not tackled. If you are to decide what you will be purchasing make sure that it is the one you wanted or needed.

John Christian Smith is a writer and a freelance photographer. John Christian Smith also writes for the http://macro-lens.net/ and http://leica-lens.com/

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