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If you are looking around for good looking pen, but really do not have a clue what to go for, why not check out Lamy Pens. Founded in the early 1950s the Lamy pen company is still going strong and has a keen following of pen lovers and collectors around the globe. Saying that Lamy pens are not expensive (compared to some of their high end competitors) so you will easily discover something in their collection of writing instruments that you can afford. Below are some good examples of the types of pens you can find in the Lamy pen range.

For those of us on a tighter budget, who want a pen that still looks great, Lamy gives us exactly what we want with the Lamy Safari range. To tempt you further with these Lamy pens lets just mention this collection has won design awards. The pen itself is quite simple in appearance yet still extremely smart and stylish. The great thing about these pens is that they feel great in your hand. Because of their triangular barrel it is also easy to get a good grip. These type of Lamy pens are produced in a myriad of colours (there is even a transparent version), so you really are spoilt for choice. Which one would suit you?

For those who have a little more to spend then why not consider buying an item from the Lamy 2000 range of writing instruments. The Lamy 2000 is a one with history and has been around for over forty years. These Lamy pens have made a great name for themselves as they are extremely stylish and are available in some super finishes. A simple pen to look, this Lamy pen holds well in the hand, is well balanced and writes beautifully. Lamy pens offer the 2000 in fountain pen, roller ball, ball point and pencil.

Lamy pens have also produced an unusual writing instrument called the Lamy Spirit. Introduced by the Lamy pen company in 1994 this is a slim line, almost skeletal pen, of less than half a centimeter in diameter. The most wonderful thing about this sleek pen is that is made from a single sheet of stamped stainless steel. It is minimalist in design and currently only available as a ball point or pencil. These type of Lamy pens are not over expensive either.

The Lamy pen range provides brilliant gift opportunities, for your family, friends, or even yourself. Lamy pens can be easily purchased in your local town or city. Perhaps though you would like to see more of them online first before you buy. For a great selection of Lamy pens you are really spoilt for choice with the Write Here of Shrewsbury website. On the Write Here website you really are spoilt for choice and can take your time to browse through most of the Lamy pen series. Write Here often have great offers on Lamy pens too, so make sure you keep them in your Internet favourites.

Richard Stevens writes for Write Here. Browse the fantastic range of Lamy pens on Write Heres website and see which Lamy pen suits your individuality.

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