Why Cable TV is Inferior to DISH Network?

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In the present world, DISH Network is the new avatar in the Satellite TV industry. Although DirecTV, the hardcore competitor is going high in the market but in comparison to DISH Network it is lagging behind. DISH Network, in terms of standard programs, quality content and customer satisfaction, has overruled DirecTV. But what about Cable TV? It stands no where in comparison with DISH Network in this cutthroat competitive world. So for now let us throw our focus on cable television vs. DISH Network.

Going back to history it can be said that all the television lovers of United States in mid 90’s had limited options in case of television viewing. One option was that they could enjoy all the free to air programming packages being offered by the existing television channels. The alternative is that they could subscribe to any of the existing cable television companies to view all their limited programming stuffs.

However with the launching of the satellite television services during mid 90s, suddenly the spectrum of choices of viewers started growing up to a large extent. Especially DISH Network that rightly incorporated all the latest of the advanced technology started attracting millions of viewers. DISH Network package are made so as to satisfy all kinds of viewers with their varied preferences and likings. Be it sports, news, drama, or movies, you will get all from DISH TV. So people face the dilemma between the top available options, DISH Network or cable television. Currently more and more people are discarding the services of the cable television and are going for this new entrant, the DISH Network. There are several reasons that have impelled all the television subscribers to take this drastic step.

First of all, the price factors plays havoc behind people’s decision of undergoing this change. No doubt in comparison to service and quality programs, DISH Network appears to be cheaper than its contender, the cable television. With increasing price cost of cable programs, it seems this price factor will play huge role behind the popularity of DSIH Network over cable television.

Also in terms of providing channels, DISH Network goes in the top. In comparison to cable TV DISH Network more than hundred channels and that too at affordable prices. For instance the cheapest package, America’s Top 120 offers nearly 120 channels that also ensure high quality and standard content. All these factors indicate maximum choices of programs. In order to get more people also can take the advantage of pay per view package. Little more additional bucks but in return entertainment that is just more than one could ask for.

Quality is another factor behind DISH Network’s tremendous success rate. All the channels that come under DISH Network packages are in digital programming mode. Plus, 200 DISH HD national channels is a unique offer from the company. Thus outstanding picture quality and Dolby digital sound system make one to feel the ambience of a hi-class theatre hall. So far as cable television is concerned it is yet to come up with such exclusive channels.

Other factors like disruption in services and transmission problems, DISH Network has a better say over cable television. In customer satisfaction also DISH Network has the excellent performance while cable television lags far behind in this matter.

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