Why Books Will Never Go Out of Style

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If you've been to your local library, you will see this is not the case. Students, young children, middle-aged men and women, and senior citizens can still be found perusing the aisles for a good read. The love of books is something that cannot be usurped with modern technology. E-books are great, yes, but they really can't hold a candle to a having a book in your hands. Humans are tactile people and we connect with literature and its art form with all our senses. The feel of the heavy-weight paper and the aesthetic beauty of a carefully-bound book cannot be replaced with electronic versions or computerized text on a screen.

Online bookstores have seen a dramatic increase in popularity. People can now get their favorite book without having to put on makeup or take a drive to a Barnes and Noble. And the selections are endless. Many online bookstores offer every kind of book imaginable: business, art and photography, religion and spirituality, romance, sports, and mystery thrillers. Furthermore, many sites allow you to create lists of your favorites so you can keep all of your must-haves in one place. And when you have the cash to spend, there's no better feeling than the anticipation of the arrival of a book you just can't wait to read.

Book sales in the United States totaled $24.3 billion in 2008, according to the Association of American Publishers. People are clearly still hard-core booklovers.

And buying books online has never been easier! Among the features I have already discussed, many online sites offer great customer service and have simple return and exchange policies.

Thinking of giving a book as a gift? There really is no greater gift than the gift of knowledge. Books allow us to go to places we might never get to visit. They open our eyes to different ways of thinking and give us a great way to escape, without ever having to leave the house!

According to the Association of American Publishers' Book Make Great Gifts program, here are some interesting, funny reasons why books are the perfect gift for any time of the year:

• Books don't require batteries.
• Books don't require assembly.
• Books don't contain trans-fats.
• Books are lead-free.
• Books have a long shelf life.

• Books are sized to fit everyone.
• Books rarely go out of style.
• Books have no small parts that could get caught in your throat.
• Books won't poke your eyes out.
• Books won't shatter when you drop them.

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