Why Books Will Never Go Out of Style

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Why Books Will Never Go Out of Style?

With so many other ways to get information these days, do we still need books?
Old habits die hard, and are passed down from generations. If your parents read to you, the chances are you will read to you children and so on. Well that is an ideal world.
I think it comes from the educational side of life. If you have a good experience in school with books, then reading on after school years won't be a problem. For me I did very well in English language and literature as I had an inspiring and interesting English teacher (and she was "young" which made a change from the old decrepit teachers I had prior to that)who let us write our stories freely without correcting our spelling right away. The creative side of you should always come first and then the technically errors can be corrected.
Starting reading early is very important to children's relationship with books. Show your child that going to the library once a week or even once a month is a good thing and an exciting time to choose whatever books you want! Build up your own collection at home in a special relaxing area.

If you casually read to your child then the books will have always been there in their lives and by the time reading comes along at the age of 4-5 years old (in the UK) it will all be fun and start to make sense.
It has to be said that books are vital to learning. Half the population don't go to football matches but that doesn't make football any less important?
We should treat books and reading in general as the only way of getting our information after all books are an eco-system, the bad ones make the good ones possible! Getting information and researching on the internet is fine and necessary at this moment in time but it requires reading and reading requires practice, I believe we should relax whilst learning and digesting facts and information, this can only be done with the simple BOOK. Learn the basic habit of reading a book and then expand on and use the technology available like e-books, audio books etc to make things convenient. But when you're not in a rush or whilst on a sunny beach, spending time with your child, what could be better than holding that book in your hand and feeling the achievement of getting to the last page.

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