Why audiobooks for children should not be overlooked

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If there ever was in item to make you think "I wish I'd have thought of that," audio books for children are sure to rank up there with the best of them.

Despite typically being a market for fiction or autobiography, the audiobook is something that should've been designed specifically with children in mind; after all, it's usable on the move, downloadable at the click of a button and just as likely to better their language skills as any hard or paperback.

So for parents looking into the audio book market for their child or a youngster approaching the market themselves, what is there on offer for the younger literature fan?

The first thing to consider is that nothing is off-limits. You aren't narrowing your search by looking at the audiobook market. All the big names in children's fiction are up there in audio book format as well as the traditional one. Jacqueline Wilson, Anthony Horowitz and Malorie Blackman all have audio formats of their work, as do the more classical authors such as Enid Blyton, CS Lewis and the sadly missed Dick King Smith.

Also, whilst not all of them are read by the authors themselves, a gaggle of famous faces pop up as narrators, including Andrew Sachs, India Fisher, Jane Asher and Bernard Cribbins, amongst a whole host of others.

There are also as wide a variety of styles as there are authors. Genres ranging from Sci-Fi and fantasy to horror, pre-school and everything in between is available to buy.

Furthermore, where downloads are considered at least, they are instant. Whilst it is a possibility to go to the shops and buy a CD version, what is growing in popularity (as it is with music too) is downloads. With the click of a button, a whole novel can be downloaded to a home computer or mobile device. There's no long trips into town or waiting around, books can be sourced by supper and downloaded by bedtime.

So with all this in mind, it's certainly worth considering an audiobook for you or your child's next purchase. In fact, you could even do it now and begin listening in minutes.

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