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I don't understand why we are arguing about the Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell declaring April to be "Confederate History Month." I understand that the issue of slavery was not mentioned in this declaration, but everyone should know that slavery did exist. To a certain degree this argument could be deemed defamation of the governor's good name or even a personal attack against him and the state of Virginia. We all can agree that slavery is an inherently evil abuse to the human race as a whole. Slavery was a part of Virginia's history, but saying this I do not believe that it was a defining part of its history. Of course it was a dark and evil blight on the state, but to argue today about it just does not make sense to me. I believe that we can all agree that it was a horrible event that took place early in this country's history.

With this said we can also agree that slavery has existed since the beginning of time. At one point in time, almost every human race had some form of slavery. Unfortunately, to this day and age, some forms of slavery still exist. But, to argue over this seems to me to be a mute point. Let's put this behind us and move on. Slavery did exist and it was an evil institution; unfortunately, history can't be undone. But, we must learn from our mistakes and do better for our future as a whole. We must always remember our past so that we do not make the same mistakes twice.

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