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There is no doubt that the world is flourishing with amazingly talented celebrity makeup artists, but what are the ones that truly stands out doing RIGHT to make sure their legacy as a celebrity make up artist will stand out in history as well as building a lucrative empire? Read on to find out how and which tips you should take with you on the road to YOUR successful business as a professional celebrity make up artist.


The world’s most famous celebrity make up artist at this time is without a doubt Pat McGrath.She really put all other celebrity make up artists to shame!

She is worldwide known for her work on the runway with top fashion designers such as John Galliano, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and the list goes on. She started her journey to become a celebrity make up artist in the 90´s working with the then new and pop magazine I-D and continues to make the famous “one-eyed” covers today. She stood out from the crowd of make-up artists by devoting her skills to colours and graphic shapes, and later on in the 2000s´her work with Galliano and Dior creating historical futuristic looks have been celebrated by beauty editors and enthusiast throughout the industry. The real business side of it comes with her connections with brands, and being a spokesperson and creator for the likes of Max Factor and Cover Girl has ensured her a nice fortune as well.

What should you take with you from Pat McGraths journey?

Stay true to your learning’s of technical skills, historic themes and dare to stand out and specialize yourself in the field that is looking for a different point of view. Make connections for other brand names to have your expertise help build it and at the same time launching your own business on a higher level.


For those of you that haven’t heard this name, well, you just haven’t done your research well enough! Terry Barber is not only a Senior Artist and Creative Director for MAC, the Canadian professional make-up artist brand used by most professionals in the industry, but he is also the most sought after celebrity make up artists in Hollywood. Terry started out in MAC in 1992 and has been true to the company and worked his way up along with freelancing for private clients. He is also well known for his master classes and education of the MAC staff on how to become better and more avant-garde artists them self. It is well known that Terry has worked with a number of celebrities, however he never disclosures anyone no matter what. One of Terry’s most famous quotes is “make Botox with foundation” and this truly reinforces the strong technical talents he has when it comes to working with skin and products to build a face instead of just covering it up. He also says “If you think you know everything there is to know, you know very little. For inspiration look at the past and make it futuristic.

What should you take with you from Terry Barber’s journey?

Working for a well known brand in the beginning of your career can take you very far depending on the work you put down. Terry has stayed true to MAC for 21 years, and along the way he has been able to gain outside work with designers and celebrity because of his recognition from this company. Be very humble regarding learning and evolving, as this is very important for any artist because it enables you to stay focused on the craft and continuously wanting to improve.

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