Why Are Fad Diets Harmful

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Fad diets have become a popular trend in recent years. They are known to draw you in with their promises of certain success and a fine new figure. However, fad diets are not all they are cracked up to be. These diets can actually be very harmful to your overall health. Fad diets rarely if ever address the underlying cause of weight gain. Remember, the best way to lose that extra weight and stay slim is to discover why eating certain foods are bad for you - which are loaded with calories and not much nutrition, and cause weight gain. Fad diets have a tendency to make your bank account lighter instead of your weight, as the cost of the miracle pills, instant weight loss drinks and supplements can be very high and there is no guarantee of success.

A fad diet is a trend that people tend to follow because of the promise of fast results with little to no effort on their part. Yes, it can be tempting to use one of these diets. Who wouldn't want to sit on the couch and pop a pill or wear a sweat belt, thinking that by the next day you will be 10 pounds lighter? Astonishingly, the people who fail at the old fad diets are the same ones who fall for the newest ones. Any diet that promises you instant results without counting calories or getting out there and exercising is a bunch of baloney. Although fad diets might work for some the results you see advertised are not typical - the fine print usually says so, even - and don't last. An individual will more than likely gain the weight right back within a few short weeks because they have not trained themselves to avoid certain food groups and simply think the pill or supplement will do all the work for them.

On and off the rollercoaster
Many people make the mistake of taking these pills and other supplements without reading about the side effects and harmful things that can occur by using them. Even putting aside the questionable ingredients, you can easily develop a syndrome called "yo-yo-ing" or "weight-cycling," which essentially means that you are losing weight and gaining it back in a consistent pattern, in sort of a rollercoaster ride. This is not an effective means to lose weight and keep it off. Many fad diets eliminate certain food groups altogether, promising that by doing so your chances of weight loss are improved. There has never been any medical evidence to prove such theories, and despite sounding good at the time, you are simply wasting your time. Even if you do achieve some weight loss with these plans, you can make yourself susceptible to other harmful diseases like elevated blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Humans actually need to eat all four food groups on a daily basis in order to maintain a healthy weight and body, inside and out. The only individuals that should ever eliminate certain food groups from their lives are those who suffer food allergies. Instead, some fad diets even make such absurd claims that your body is not able to digest carbohydrates in the presence of proteins or fats - a ridiculous claim at which most dietitians or doctors would scoff. A human's digestive system uses certain enzymes for digestion of different foods and they never "cancel each other out," but work together in harmony.

Quick fixes, lasting problems
Fad diets can seem like a quick fix to weight issues but the fact is that many people have packed on pounds over long periods of time with poor eating habits. The best way to lose the pounds is to speak with the professionals like your doctor or a dietitian. These are the people that can not only give you the answers you seek but can also plan out a specific diet that will not harm your health in any way. And since your personal physician knows you far better that any fad diet commercial announcer, your chances of losing the weight and keeping it off under your physician's care are far greater than with unproven plans, pills and supplements. Dietitians are professional "eating experts" that will be able to figure out a special plan for you. They will show you how to measure out your portions of food and count your carbs, calories, vitamins, minerals and other things. This will help you to lose the weight and keep it off as well - with, as the saying goes, a regular program of exercise.

The best thing to do with fad dieting is to refrain from it completely. It seems like an easy solution but in the long run it's not. Any diet with positive, lasting effects is going to be at least somewhat difficult and take a little time to accomplish. You can never expect to lose a tremendous amount of weight overnight or a week's time. With the right meal plan, exercise and support you can beat the fad diet trend and accomplish weight loss in a safe and healthy manner.Visit Compare Health Pros.com to locate and compare fitness and nutrition professionals in your town. Offering a broad list of massage therapist NJ, in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

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