Why Are Choosing Android Phones

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Android OS is a mobile phone operating system released by Google. Google is a company that has a myriad of applications that are reliable, such as gmail, blogger, webmaster tools, google analytics, google buzz, google wave, spreadsheets, and much more.

That is the key advantage of The Android OS since it is supported by a leading company and have a myriad of excellent features that is currently widely used by general public. Smart phone operating system made by Google is using the concept of a free and open source. Have a smart phone with Android platform, seemed to pocket super mini laptop. Just imagine, a laptop that has a summary of the desktop computer.

This android phone summarizes the laptop. To get a variety of applications (program in android) is usually already provided android application features directly from the smart phone market was, to a certain type that are still using android cupcake version 1.5 may not exist. Android market is provided to help us find and download a free application for smart phones us we arbitrarily.

Why android can be spelled as summarized laptop? Although the smart phone operating system is the way the processor frequency is far below the laptop, but was able to run many programs that usually run through a laptop and of course maximizing compression. The most visible example is documents to go (full version) - which in the Linux operating system represented by the open Office, and this application can be used to make the process of editing, and saving.

In one course there are sub-programs such as Words to Go, Sheet to Go, Slide show to go, or PDF to go. Four important program for those people who feel themselves mobile, in a single pack very useful. Although to get this program must first download the android market. File explorer also has integrated in android version 2.1 (eclair) and not yet integrated in the cupcake version (1.5) but not biased execute programs like windows explorer. To install the application must go through additional applications that I think is the most stable right now is astro file manager.

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