Why Arabs Today?

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The relationship between the Arab media and the Arab readership, both as communities and individuals, is often marred by suspicion. This historical mistrust provokes the Arab reader to ask themselves ‘what is the point of adding more of the same’ each time a new publication appears and, therefore, why Arabs Today?

Our answer lies in our efforts as the Arabs Today team to share with the Arab reader a new experience. Arabs Today presents itself as a stepping stone to the new era of media.

The Arab reader has the right to learn more about their world but also about the world generally. The reader has the right to receive political news objectively, professionally and with no bias. They need to see beyond the news with round-the-clock updates through comprehensive coverage of all the news that has an impact on their daily lives, from business and finance, science and technology, health and the arts, without exaggeration or propaganda.

Arabs Today is about honesty, accuracy, transparency and objectivity in the news. This is our commitment to you and this is what you will judge us on. It is exactly what you have been looking for in Arab media. We will count on your contributions and comments to continuously meet your expectations.

Arabs Today will be the newspaper, radio, television and web site that you will always come back to for you daily informational needs. Arabs Today will be the first to bring you the news, supply you with the information you need and most importantly provide you with an interactive platform for you to share your views with us and the wider readership.

Arabs Today accommodates the various views in the Arab world and presents them in an open-minded and responsible manner. Arabs Today does not believe in censoring or ignoring an opinion or a point of view, nor in isolating a group or a section in society. We believe in communication and interaction between various social groupings and ideologies; in free expression while respecting other views; and the beliefs and heritage of our societies, as well as our just causes.

In the era of the internet, the world has become a global village where no-one should be left out from following the latest developments. No one region should be denied free and open reporting. It will no longer be the case that the world learns about our realities before we do.

We can no longer condone the ever-widening gap between the Middle East and the rest of the world. We have no choice but to enter the race and join the world’s fast-developing institutions, resources and technologies.

Arabs Today is an ambitious media venture that respects its readers, their aspirations and values, championing their rights and just causes. Arabs Today reaches out to the world from the Arab world, and the Arabs in the Diaspora. It also extends its hands to friends of the Arabs wherever they are. Arabs Today is for all generations regardless of their ideology, religion or ethnicity. For all these reasons, we are here and we invite you to join us in making a future we can all be proud of.

For more resources about daily arab news or even about Arab today please review this page http://www.arabstoday.net.

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