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When you first see a mystery number on your caller identification screen, it will make you wonder whose phone number is this. It is very irritating to receive this kind of phone calls. It is also time consuming as it may disturb you while you are doing something. If you are in the same situation, I am sure that you are in search of a good way to find out whose phone number is this and thankfully, most of them are free to try. However, in most difficult cases, you need to make use of the paid services to end up receiving this kind of calls.

Below are some of the tips you can follow to find out whose phone number is this.

Tip 1: Call back the number.

When an unregistered number is flashing on your screen, many possible callers that will enter your mind. It maybe telemarketers, old girlfriends or boyfriends, people wanting to borrow money from you, bill collectors or long lost relatives. You may try to call back the number. This is the easiest way to know who called you. If you are brave enough, grab the chance to call the number back and know if who it is. However, if you do not have the courage, try asking a friend to call back the number. This will resolve your problem, but other prank callers will not reveal who their name.

Tip 2: Ask A Friend

Another free way is to ask your friend or family relatives. If the number is not familiar to you, it may be familiar to them. You might find out that the person who has been calling you is the boyfriend of your best friend, creepy right?

Tip 3: Search Online

Another free way is to search it online. There are free websites that can help you find out whose phone number is this. In just a few seconds, you will have the result of your search. All you need is to type the number on the search box. This way is effective if you are in search of residential or landline numbers.

Tip 4: Premium Services Online

If you are in search of cell phone numbers, you must make use of the paid websites. It is more expensive to maintain a database of cell phone numbers than landline and residential numbers. You may subscribe for a yearly service or for everyday use.

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