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It is very irritating and annoying to receive call from someone you do not know most especially if you are waiting for an important call. Maybe you are waiting for a call from the company where you applied for a schedule for job interview, or you are waiting for a call regarding business deals or a call from someone rally dear to you. I am sure that every time your phone rings, you heart will beat faster expecting that it is the important call you have been waiting for. However, you found out that it is just a prank call and this will truly disappoint you leaving you wonder whose number is this.

Whatever reasons you have, it is important to know whose number is this. This will alleviate any anxiety or stress you feel every time you see an unregistered number on you caller identification screen. In the past, it is hard to find out who owns a number. People would prefer the service of private detectives. Private detectives work on hourly basis ad it will cost you more that you expected.

The good news is that you can avoid these expensive professional fees of the private detectives. What you will need is just an internet connection and the number in search. You may follow the tips below to start your whose number is this online search.

Tip 1: Use of Internet Search Engines

The most basic way is to make use of the internet search engines. You may start by typing the number on the search box then click search. After a few seconds, you will have a result on your search. However, this method is useless if you are in search of cell phone number owner as search engines will only direct you to landline and residential number.

Tip 2: Use of Social Network Sites

Today, almost all people have an account in any social network sites. Social network sites are used for communicating with friends and relatives around the globe. When making an account to any of these sites, you will be required to encode personal data including your contact number. This makes searching possible. Try your luck by typing the number in the search box then click search. However, some people keep their number confidential.

Tip 3: Use of Premium Services

This is the most effective way in knowing a number owner online. Look for a credible website like whose number is this. They have the greatest database that has the numbers, landline or cell phone, with the name of the owner and its address. The best part is, it is offered fee by other websites. All you need is to type the number in the search box and you will have an access to the personal data of the owner.

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