Who Will Win The Race Among Android, iOS and Windows Phone

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Maybe it's cold war, but it's happening among the tech-giants Android, iOS and Windows Phone. They are of course the participants of the race of smartphones and this article is dedicated to discover who will win the race.

Google's Android
Let us begin the story with Google Android because it is really big at this time. It is today the most adopted mobile operating system. It is available for free. So if you too want to make a mobile device, you can adopt the OS for free and use it as the core software. It has all the features to beat both iOS and Windows Phone at several places. It has amazing UI and best of the smartphone features to support almost all sorts of mobile apps. More and more enterprise computing projects are nowadays taking place around Android application development Google is also quite dedicated to continuously update OS. It also allows mobile manufacturers to launch a cheap range of smartphones as they do not have to pay any fee for using the OS.

Apple iOS:

Next big mobile operating system is iOS and it powers iPhone and iPad. Apple's iOS powered devices are adopted by a large audience. They are mainly those users who actually drive online market. iPhone and iPad devices are stylish, swift and sleek and deliver best of the smart device performances. These iOS powered devices are popular for their cutting-edge technology even for basic functions.
But iOS is based on close-source technology and thus other companies manufacturing mobile devices cannot use it. Only Apple can use this OS in its devices. This is a favorite choice of every smartphone users but when it comes to develop applications with heavy customizations for professionals who want apps for productivity or the common man who want to download games, iOS is not a better choice at all.

Another issue with iOS powered iPhone and iPad devices is their price. Yes, it is costly device. It is not in range of every user. Only users with financial strong position can afford Apple's devices and thus it has less number of adoptions.

Windows Phone
The last in the race is Windows Phone OS. It's a new mobile OS by Microsoft with perfected technology. It's also a close source mobile operating system but Microsoft has not started any venture to make its own mobile devices. For now companies like Nokia, HTC, etc are using this OS.
Windows Phone OS powered devices win to deliver multiple task and desired productivity. But they lack for look and feel. Their high price is another disadvantage despite the fact that Windows powered phones are no more a leading brands in the market. They just have a tiny share in global smartphone market.

Also, there are not enough applications available for Windows Phone OS powered mobile devices and thus its not as popular as Android or iOS.

Currently Android has a very strong position in the market. It has captured almost 70% market share of of global smartphone market. It also has more than 700,000 apps. Information forces us to conclude that Google's Android might win the race.

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