Who Should Use Microdermabrasion Treatments?

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In a report of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it was said that since 1997, cosmetic procedures that are nonsurgical in nature has increased by a whopping 754% in the United States. Our country is obsessed with physical appearance; especially when it comes to retaining our youth, and that is why $13.2 billion was spend on cosmetic procedures in the year 2007 by Americans.

Among the five top nonsurgical cosmetics treatments, one prominent place is held by various microdermabrasion treatments, in U.S. A. A greater youthful appearance is delivered when any of the preventive and corrective microdermabrasion treatment is availed by patients looking to defeat the signs of aging.
How It Works

In the most basic level, microdermabrasion can be defined as a very thorough skin exfoliation treatment that is most often done on face. It does not require any surgical entrance or incision into the body; and so is known as non-invasive cosmetic treatment. In most microdermabrasion treatments, a “sanding” device which is fine-toothed is used for sweeping exfoliating crystals on the outer layer of the patient’s epidermis with the aim of “unveiling” a new layer below it. Two things happen simultaneously during the process; in one, the cells in the outer layer of the skin is suctioned off, and in the other, old skin cells are sloughed off to bring out the fresh layer of skin below. The treatments always promote fast regeneration of new cells in the skin.


Today microdermabrasion systems have been incorporated by many women as part of their regular beauty care program. They prefer this process over other treatments as it both prevents signs of aging as well as correct them. Unevenness of skin texture and tone is the first unwanted sign of aging; and the more prominent ones are fine lines, dryness, wrinkles and skin discoloration. These effects will differ from individual to individual; and many factors play into the fact of how much effect will be visible in your skin. It can be something that is not in your hand, like your genes, ethnicity and pigmentation of skin as well as factors you can control like sun exposure. That is why users of these treatments vary in skin condition and age. By preventative use, the users can even out their skin tone and also shrink pores in skin leading to an overall improvement of the complexion’s radiance. The corrective usage of the treatments can solve the problems of skin irregularities of texture and color. It is seen that people who are seeking microdermabrasion want to get rid of liver and age spots, acne scars, crow’s feet as well as fine lines.


Microdermabrasion treatments work in many level; they even out skin tone, help to improve skin complexion, cause the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, as well diminish such problems as liver and age spots, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. How fast the treatments will work and how effective they will be, however depends on the skin condition of the individual seeking the treatments. Other two things that also factor in this regard are how frequent the treatment is being done and the quality of the system being used. To experience the full potential of the microdermabrasion process, ASAPS suggests that you receive treatments every two to three weeks.


There are treatments like laser resurfacing and chemical peel which produce more dramatic and faster results to correct and combat the aging signs; but still you should use microdermabrasion treatments as it has much more benefits. Yes, you have to be little patient with the result but remember it is the least invasive cosmetic treatment available in the market for those who want to turn the clock. The products are also less harsh and so you get benefits without too much risk of adverse skin reaction and very complicated after-effects (something which is common with laser treatment and chemical peels). Furthermore, it is less costly than these two procedures. Also, the benefits of the treatment can be availed by users of any age, color and skin type! Lastly, remember it is totally painless, you can see the effects immediately and side effects are very rare.

Sources of Treatment

Before, microdermabrasion treatments were only done by plastic surgeons and dermatologists; but today the accessibility and availability of the treatments are greater and widespread. You can easily do a microdermabrasion treatment in your favourite beauty salon or spa as the treatment will not involve harsh chemicals like those used in chemical peels; and is non-invasive. The cosmetics companies have also jumped into the growing demand of this type of anti-aging treatment and you can now have microdermabrasion kits for doing the process from the comfort of your home. Some renowned companies that have such kits include Kiehls, L’Oreal, Neutrogena and Olay.

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