Who Should Use Dry Shampoo

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Waterless shampoo, also known as dry shampoo was made for a busy world. Travelling, commuting and rushing the kids to hockey practice can put a time strain on anyone's day. Washing, drying and styling your hair can be one too many things on your to do list each day.

The hair contains natural oils that build up over time. Dry shampoo is sprinkled on the scalp, absorbing these oils and leaving your hair light and fresh smelling between regular washings. It's not a product that's meant to be used in place of shampoo. In fact, overusing it will have its own set of consequences, such as dusty looking or powdery hair.

However, if you normally wash with liquid shampoo every day, using a dry shampoo will allow you to cut this back to every other day or every two days, depending on the natural oil production of your hair.

The benefits of dry shampoo are obvious. Time is the biggest thing you will save, but you'll also save money on water as well as electricity since you won't be needing the 1200 watt blow dryer every day. Furthermore, dry shampoo is great for overnight business trips. The bottle is lightweight and travels well, and you won't run into problems with liquid carry on restrictions at the airport.

Using a dry shampoo does not mean you'll never have to wash your hair again. It's simply a short term solution for use between regular washings to freshen up your hair. It doesn't necessarily clean your hair, only absorbs the oils. Since everyone's hair is different, it will take a little practice to learn how much or how little dry shampoo is ideal for you.

I recommend experimenting in the evening, when you don't have to go out. Too much waterless shampoo will leave a noticeable powdery residue on your hair. While it might smell nice and fresh, it certainly won't give you the clean look you're going for if you overdo it. Besides, you'll just be back in the time crunch if you have to wash it out.

All in all, dry shampoo is a great solution for people on the go, busy moms and dads, students with early classes, commuters, travellers and, well, anyone looking to save on time and money.

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