Who or what is a DJ?

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This is quite a difficult question to answer because the job covers so many different media these days. It is often associated with the position of radio announcer or a wedding party entertainer. It can also be associated with nightclubs. Either way, all of these positions are founded on the depth of personality of the DJ and how far he/she can go on influencing the audience.

Within radio broadcasting, personality is all the DJ has. He has no idea how his announcements may have affected someone. They have made someone laugh, cry or even offended. However, he will not know this unless they contact the station to congratulate or complain! The ability to communicate a one-sided conversation, to be passionate about the program, and the depth and sincerity of the voice, are all essential.

The strength of personality is also vital to a nightclub DJ. It doesn't matter if they are the resident DJ at the local club or a superstar DJ at a one night only event. The resident DJ has a very difficult job. They have to read the crowd with considerable intuition, and are magnificent at profiling. They have to read a crowd based on little more than clothing, haircuts and the types of drinks that the customers are consuming.

The superstar DJ has a difficult job too. They aim to paint a picture with sound. They are artists, but ones that you can hear not necessarily see. The best are magicians of music. They are playing to the converted but they must deliver on their promise as the crowd will see through anything that is less than perfection.

Lastly but by no means least, there is the wedding reception DJ. This person is subject to the frequent abuse of the guests, usually under the influence of tremendous amounts of alcohol. This type of DJ must be a supreme diplomat, usually following guidelines that are more complicated than those laid down to a UN peace keeping force! They must entertain the gathering whilst playing music that only the bride and groom want to hear while often backing up a wedding band.

No matter what you personally think, ALL DJ's must be supreme entertainers. Able to create atmosphere with little more than a collection of songs that on their own present nothing, but which together can create a night to remember. They must be able to create a following and be the voice that soothes your soul. They must be the comedian of the century and the genius of the night.

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