Who is a Good Candidate for Tattoo Removal

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People get tattoos for many reasons including self-expression, to foster a group identity, or to commemorate an occasion. Circumstances change over time though and your body art may cause embarrassment years later. The full sleeve tattoo you got when you were 18 to celebrate your independence may prevent you from getting your dream job. Or perhaps your significant other isn't happy that your ex-spouse's name is tattooed on your wrist.

Whatever the reason for your change of heart where your tattoo is concerned, laser tattoo removal is the best option to permanently remove the ink from your body. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment. The best candidates for laser tattoo removal include:
• People with fair skin: the lighter the skin, the easier it is to fully remove the pigmentation.
• Tattoos with dark ink: black ink is easier to remove from the skin than vibrant colors
• Those with clear skin, unaffected by keloids or pigmentation problems, lesions, rosacea, or acne

• Nonsmokers
• Skin that heals well and quickly

While those with lighter skin tones make the best candidates for laser tattoo removal, it is also effective on patients with darker skin, though they may have to undergo more treatments to fully remove the pigment of the tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal treatment is more effective on ink that is close to the surface, tattoos applied by professionals, and tattoos that are not concentrated in a single area. The more complicated the tattoo (multiple colors, covering large areas of the skin, etc) the more treatments that are needed to fully remove the pigments from the body. A qualified dermatologist will be able to fully assess whether you area good candidate for tattoo removal. They will also give you an idea of how many treatments will be required to completely remove the ink from the skin.

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