White Princess & Happy Glam Makeup Tutorial

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White Princess Princess Tutorial
This tutorial is going to make you look like a snow princess and it is perfect for a Christmas party. Start off by concealing your imperfections such as your dark circles, any redness or darkness and blend away gently. Apply on your favourite foundation and set your make up with loose powder.
Groom and define your brows with an eye brow pencil. Take a brush and line your lower eyes with a shimmering white eye shadow. Apply the same eye shadow all over your eyes. Do not apply too much or your eyes will appear chalky. Just apply a decent amount because you want your eyes to shimmer then gently blend it in evenly all over your eyes. Dab a bit more on the middle of your eye lids to give your eyes more depth. Also apply more on your brow bone to give your eyes more dimension. Apply a bit of the shimmering eye shadow on your cheeks.
Using eyelash glue, blob a crystal in the eyelash glue and apply the crystal on the inner corner of your eyes and apply more on the outer corners. Dab a bit of glitter along your lower lash line to enhance the effects of the crystals. Apply white eyeliner on your water line. Apply a clear lip gloss on your eyelids to create an adhesive surface then add the clear glitter. This will make your eyes sparkle. Use scotch tape to remove any excess glitter.

Use liquid eyeliner to line your eyes. Curl your lashes and prime them before applying mascara to lengthen them even more. Apply your favourite light pink coloured lip gloss. Touch up your powder since the scotch tape may have removed some of your make up. Finish off by applying some blush and touch up any features if necessary.

Happy Glam Makeup Tutorial
This tutorial will help you achieve a glamorous holiday look. Start off by concealing any imperfections on your face. Use your favourite foundation that can deliver you a flawless looking face. Apply a decent amount of lip balm because you need to keep your lips hydrated.
Before you powder your brows, it is best to apply eyebrow gel to make your brows semi wet. This makes the application of eyebrow powder much easier and it stays on longer when it dries. Quickly apply your brow powder using an angled brush. Start from the middle of your brows to the back and gently fill in your brows.
Apply gold eye shadow on your lids because using gold eye shadow will enhance the effect since we are going to use gold glitter on our lids. Use gold pigments for a stronger and more opaque colour and make sure to sweep the colours up to your brow bone. Use a moss green eye shadow and apply it near your lower lash line. Line it half way and apply white eye shadow to your tear ducts since this will make your eyes pop. Gently blend the green eye shadow in with your white eye liner. Add a clear lip gloss to your eyelids. This gives your eyes an adhesives surface to help the glitter stick on better and longer. It won’t rub off your eye shadow and it is perfectly safe for your eyes.

Wet a brush and dab it in to a cosmetic gold glitter and gently apply it to your lids. Follow the lip gloss and make sure you cover your lids evenly. Be careful while using glitter and make sure it is cosmetic glitter because craft glitter may contain hazardous ingredients that won’t be safe to apply on your face. Use scotch tape to remove any excess glitter or reshape the application of the glitter on your lids.
Line your eyes with black liquid eye liner and extend the line out just a bit. We are going for a bit of a Cleopatra look. Extend the line to the middle of your bottom lash line. Line your water line with black eyeliner. Re powder your face because the scotch tape may have picked up a bit of your makeup.
Apply a red coloured lipstick that is matte because a glossy texture would take the glittering effect away from your eyes. Blot your lip colour with a tissue to stain your lips. This will make your lip colour last longer. Also dust powder on your lips over the tissue and apply another final coat of lipstick to your lips without the tissue over your lips. Applying will also make your lip colour last longer.
Curl your lashes and apply a reasonable even coat of mascara. Finish of with your favourite blush.

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