White Bouquet

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White Bouquet is one of those rare paintings that somehow simultaneously manages to be extremely unique but also very well liked and suitable for most tastes and styles. The painting incorporates few colors, but still gives the viewer a complex and rich viewing experience of a simple scene of wildflowers. The base color is a rich red that was put on the canvas in a very smooth manner that contrasts the way in which the white flowers layered on top of it are applied to the painting.The flowers are painted using a unique technique of shadowing which allows dimension to be added, creating a realistic picture. The artist does such a great job using this technique that it is as if the viewer can reach out and pluck the flowers from the canvas. The painting somehow manages to be very interesting despite have such a limited palette because it is so textured and original in design. This painting, while it is a very traditional still life in many ways, it could almost fit into the category of 'modern art' because it is such a unique take on a very typical subject matter. In addition to the interesting execution of this original canvas painting, the lines and negative spaces create very interesting points of distinction that vary the experience of the painting from person to person. It is this careful attention to details with such a limited palette and traditional subject that make this painting so engaging.

This original artwork comes on a single canvas of a very attractive size that allows it to fit into any number of spaces and suit many different rooms. This painting incorporates few colors, thus it's understated and subtle charms allow it to fit well into an array of spaces and it's wispy, whimsical painting style will add an airy touch to even the most somber of rooms. The fresco-like layering of paints and the subtle use of color and movement make this painting a great conversation piece that delight viewers with many different tastes in art. This piece marries so many disparate styles and charms that it is in fact difficult not to like it! While this painting is truly a one of a kind, you will find more distinctive pieces that harmonize very different styles in our Fruit Canvas gallery. In addition, Rose Blossom shares the skilled use of color and texture in a manner similar to White Bouquet that you will surely enjoy if you are attracted to this piece. White Bouquet

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