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Whistle Phone, the free service for unlimited calls to USA and Canada, is about to change its operating policies regarding the length of calls and diverted when you do not answer. The call duration is reduced to 20 min and the detour will be tariffed. All this will take place from April 6 this year.

These are changes in WhistlePhone services :

1. From 6th April 2011 the duration of incoming and outgoing calls will be bounded to 20 minutes.
2. As per the whistle phone statement most of the calls duration is less than 20 minutes, that is why this limitation will not affect the free users.
3. If you crossed the threshold then you will be charged for every single minutes. But don't worry call charges is much cheaper than any other services, it is only 1.7 cent per minute. Also, your call will remain free from any kind of advertisement.
4. Along with the applying limit for outgoing calls to 20 minutes, it also begin to charge 1.7 cent per minute for Follow Me services, the service that divert the incoming calls to your landline, office, or personal cell phone number, if you are not able to answer the calls.

5. Till 6th April the Follow Me service will remain free but after 6th April it is going to charge. If you want to use this service after the 6th April then you need to add credit before the April otherwise service will be terminated.

Does the change affect the users?

It may be or not, if you have used whistle phone for outgoing calls within the limit of 20 minutes, then you can continue to use this service usually. The change will affect you.

If you are using whistle phone for inbound calls, then you have two option, either pay or move to other service providers. As you know whistle phone "Follow Me" service provide a number to receive incoming calls which is not free but you can get a USA number free from Google Voice. In addition to free number for receiving incoming calls, the giant also offer free calls to USA and Canada. Google voice also offer number portability service. From my point of view, it will be better to switch whistle phone and move toward Google Voice.

Does this change make any sense?

As we know whistle phone is an advertisement based service. The Change in operating policies suggests that the advertising income is not sufficient for the whistle to carry on its service and that is why whistle phone has decided to increase its income by changing its free service to paid. Being free service like Google Voice why should i use Whistle phone. There are several free services like Google Voice which we can use for making Free Calls to USA and Canada. I don't know how much this change will benefit or harm the whistle, but everything will become more clear on 6th April. To get more information regarding the Whistle services visit its official website WhistlePhone.com.

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