Which one is best- DirecTV or Times Warner Cable?

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With a deluge of programs and services being available for your preference you will be bewildered as you are unable to make the right choice for your television entertainment. Although choice is plentiful you can fix your eyes for a handful of them only. Times Warner Cable, the largest of cable television service is available while your choicest pack can be DirecTV Satellite TV service. Without exaggeration it can be said that DirecTV is the premium provider with a huge customer base over eighteen million people. Times Warner also have huge customer followers. Also whether it is Times Warner or DirecTV, you will find no problem in catching hold of their services. The only tussle is which one to grab, DirecTV or Times Warner Cable television service as both are topnotch companies. Well, let us have a brief comparison of both the services of these two mavericks for establishing the superiority of either of the services.

In matters of HD entertainment technology cable TV honcho like Times Warner are facing neck to neck competition from Satellite TV providers. No doubt DirecTV with its gamut of more than one hundred and sixty HD channels has no parallel in the industry. Even under simple basic English package like Choice you can enjoy more than thirty five channel. For Choice Xtra you will get more than forty Hd channels, plus avail more than forty five channels in HD mode from Choice Ultimate. And with the best valued pack, DirecTV’s Premier English pack offers more than eighty five HD channels. Although Times Warner fairs better than other cable TV providers in providing a handful of quality channels in HD mode, it cannot expect to reach the level of DirecTV HD channeling package.

Closed in heels, DirecTV’s 3D entertainment is unique in the whole industry. DirecTV has upped its shoulder in this arena as it is the only provider in the whole TV industry to offer such an exclusive offer. Avail 3D entertainment channels and watch the images that appear so life-like as if you can touch them with your own hands. No other provider, not even Times Warner can dish out such a special package in your lap.

The factor of price definitely is an area that is of utmost importance in matters of subscribing to any of the television providers. DirecTV Satellite TV packages are fixed at such rates that will not burn holes on your pocket. But the packages of Times Warner service are fixed at high rates and to top it that the rate varies from one region to another.

Variety of programs again can be a definite yardstick for measuring the superiority of DirecTV over Times Warner. Although Times Warner has brought in all the programs of various topics DirecTV still is the champion of the champions. You can get programs in different languages like Vietnamese, Brazilian, Cantonese, South Asian you can get them all from DirecTV. Plus, DirecTV channels on sports are ultimate destination for sports freaks. In contrast Times Warner’s sports channels stand nowhere in the competition with DirecTV. Be it any sports, you will see them all DIRECTV packages on sports like NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and NASCAR HotPass. Sports coverage in DirecTV HD channels can give you enjoyment of sitting inside a real-life stadium and such thing is unthinkable in case of Times Warner or any other provider. Also get hold of DirecTV Receivers for recording and watching the programs several times later as per your convenience and choice. In this way DirecTV has become the unbeaten leader in providing quality entertainment at best possible prices.

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