Which Laser Lipo Machine Do I Buy ?

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There is no doubt about it, Non invasive Laser Lipo is set to become the boom revenue generator for beauty salons, body reshaping clinics and even medical practitioners. Non invasive laser lipo hit the market in a big way as recently as 2009 and has expanded quicker than any other treatment offered by beauty salons in that time. Business owners are quickly realising that offering this type of service is a sure way to augment their income and strengthen their business, even in sparse economic times. The ey is to get the balance between quality and price right. By doing this you will be able to offer a menu of treatments that more people can afford, which means tapping into a lucrative market.

So, which machine do you buy ? There are a growing number of number of non invasive laser lipo machines available and the clear front runner, which is set to be the major brand in 2011 is the Sigma Lumislim Pro. Why ? Well, Lumislim offers a combination of imperatives that the other machines, whilst good, simply can't assail. Not least is the high build quality people have come to expect of the Sigma brand, but the extraordinary low price. And whilst the price is by far the lowest, there is no compromise when it comes to what's on offer.

When you buy a non-invasive laser lipo machine you need to consider the ROI (return on investment) and the core cost, which has a direct impact on the price that you have to charge to your customers in order to recoup what you have spent and make a profit. If the cost of the machine is high, you have to charge more and that means fewer customers for you. Let's run some numbers.

If you spend 20,000 on a machine such as the Strawberry, which is a good machine, the payback period is going to be, well, a long, long time. Not only that, you have to find the cash to start with and if you don't have it, you need a loan which is hard to get in this climate. Then you need to consider the ongoing costs, which are astronomical.

I-Lipo comes in at a cost second at 10,000, which is much better value and a much better machine by all accounts. I-Lipo is made by Chonogenix and their quality is unquestionable. The machine is robust, high quality and most people feel it a better contender at half the price of the Strawberry unit.

However, Sigma Lumislim Pro combines the best of the above at a price that simply makes good commercial sense. At just 5,999 Lumislim becomes choice one for most new entrants into the market. The price is fixed, there are no hidden or long term extras such as hefty maintenance packages and it comes with a comprehensive 5 yr warranty for peace of mind.

Buy expensive equipment of this type is an important step for any business and it should not be taken lightly. Being sold into equipment that is high price and has hidden costs later is all too common. Don't let salesmen close you on the day. Remember, they are on commission. Crystal Medical does not employ direct high commission sales people at all. The price is the price, it's on the website for all to see, it is not hidden like everyone else's.

There are also no gimmicks with Lumislim. it does what it does, it is good at it and that's it. At the end of the day it's you that has to make the choice, but the fact is that Lumislim is the only machine that can offer you payback in just a few short weeks. Lumislim is also priced sensibly so that most business owners can break into this lucrative market. Seriously though .....20,000 for a Laser Lipo ? Are they mad ?

Stephen Soos
Crystal Medical Ltd

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