Which Kind of Mattress is Best for You?

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Buying a mattress is an important decision. This singular purchase will significantly impact how well you're able to sleep every night, and how refreshed and energized you feel every morning. Few other purchasing decisions carry such weight. So it's important to take the time to carefully evaluate your needs and make a smart, but economical, choice. There are several types of mattresses, and given the huge variety in features and styles, it can be hard to figure out which kind is best for you. There are some important things to keep in mind when buying a mattress. If you need a little help before deciding on a mattress, check out this quick and simple overview.
Finding a Mattress for Two
Do you sleep by yourself or are there two of you trying to get good night's sleep in one bed? A mattress that is comfortable for you may not feel so comfortable to your partner. If you do not choose a mattress that you both like and he or she has a fitful night of sleep, there is a very good chance you won't get much rest either. The easiest way to find the best mattress for both of you is to visit a mattress showroom and test out various mattress models together. This way, you can make sure you're both getting the features you need.

You and your partner may have very different ideas on what constitutes "comfort." One may prefer a very firm mattress while the other prefers a softer, plusher sleeping surface. Dual-control beds that allow you to increase or decrease the amount firmness in on your side of the bed may be the answer.
Mattresses for Preferred Sleeping Positions
If you sleep on your side, a mattress with more cushioning will most likely be more comfortable than firmer options. While those who sleep on their stomachs may prefer a somewhat firmer mattress style. If you and your partner normally sleep on your backs, you are likely to find a medium-firm rated mattress to be the most comfortable choice.
Mattresses for Specific Health Concerns
Some people need a mattress that offers specialized support due to medical conditions or physical limitations. An adjustable bed may be the best choice here if you or your partner has trouble getting in or out of bed.
Most experts recommend that people choose mattresses with the most amount of firmness that's comfortable. When you're shopping for mattresses, start with the firmest option, and work down until you find the most comfortable model. It's important to remember that mattresses that are too soft often don't provide enough support to your head, back and neck. Over time, this can result in chronic aches, and can exacerbate existing back or neck conditions.

Heavier people may need to choose a maximum firmness mattress to protect themselves from injury or breathing problems while sleeping. Unfortunately, they may have to compromise a bit of comfort for proper body support.
Mattress Quality
It's also important to consider how often you'll be able to replace your mattress. Many mattresses can last up to ten years under normal use. Some types of mattresses are susceptible to wear faster than others, even under normal use. Depending on your financial situation, you may want to invest in a high quality mattress that will last you for several years.
Here are some easy-to-follow guidelines that can help you when you're testing out mattresses:
1. Wear nonrestrictive clothing similar to your pajamas, or clothing that you wear to bed.
2. Remove your shoes before lying down on a mattress to test it for comfort and support.
3. Lay down in the position that you normally sleep in to get a better sense of how comfortable and supportive the mattress is.
4. Testing sessions should be no less than 20 minutes in duration so that you can really get an accurate feel of the comfort and support level of a mattress that you are considering buying.
If you have tested out a specific brand and model in the store that you especially like, it's a good idea to look for it online to save extra money. But before you make an online mattress purchase, be sure that you can return the mattress to a local store, or be reimbursed for your shipping costs for returns made within 30 days of purchase if you're not satisfied.
By taking the time to test out a wide variety of mattresses, you can be sure that you're making the right purchase. Carefully consider you're sleeping habits and individual needs before deciding on a mattress.

Mike Cole is a freelance writer who writes about home decorating, often focusing on a specific product such as mattresses.

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