Which is the Right Cosmetic Case for You?

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A cosmetic case may not be the most important item on your ‘must have list' this season; however, for any woman who loves to travel and stay organized, a high quality cosmetic case is essential. Below we have outlined some of the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing a cosmetic case for your lifestyle.
Type, Material and Style of Cosmetic Cases
Cosmetic cases come in a variety of different material including leather, nylon, polyester and even plastic. Furthermore, there are a variety of different sizes of cosmetic cases. Many women prefer the flat cosmetic cases that are easier to carry and have a compartment for every type of makeup from their lipstick to their eye liner.
For those who travel heavy, there are cosmetic cases in the form of tote bags. You can not only carry your makeup, but also your deodorant, shampoo, hairbrush, hair curler and anything else you need. Furthermore, cosmetic cases can also come in a luggage set by some of the best designers on the market. You can coordinate your luggage and your cosmetic bag to match.

Additional Factors to Consider
- Waterproof- you never know what might happen. Leather is one of the most waterproof options out there
- Durable- the last thing you want is your cosmetic case to fall apart mid-air. Check the zippers and the sewing before you buy to ensure that fraying and breakage will not be a problem.
- Price range- a cosmetic case does not have to cost you a small fortune.
- The Color/pattern- cosmetic cases come in a variety of different colors and patterns from stripes to flowers, from plain black to bright pink. Many people choose a fun and flirty color for their cosmetic bag- after all, in most instances your cosmetic case will not be on display as much as a purse. Because of this, many women like to be daring and different and go for something that is edgy and bold.
- Practicality-this really depends on the person and how much the bag will be used. For some people, compartment cosmetic cases are a lifesaver; however, these compartments can get in the way for others.

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