Which Is The Best - Toshiba or Acer Laptops?

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Acer laptops and desktop computers alike are built by the Acer Computer Company and they have been in trade since 1976. Acer has grown-up to be among the top 5 branded PC manufacturers in the world. I have had one for two years now and have had no maintenance problems with it.

I also had an Acer desktop back in the 1990's and it lasted 4 years until the hard drive crapped out. I put back the hard drive and it ran until i put it in storage about 3 years ago. I have found them to be good equipments for the money. Nevertheless, most frequent question people ask today is, which is more desirable, Acer or Toshiba? We will find out right now.

Actually with Toshiba, as soon as you take the plug out it goes really dark and at times even hazy but with Acer it will be clear and bright even when you take the plug out. Toshiba crashes almost every time and they are way too costly for this piece of crap. Acer laptops hardly ever crashes only when you have lots of virus or downloaded things on there.

If you plan to buy a laptop, i would suggest you forget Toshiba and go for Acer or even Sony Vaio because they are equally good too and less expensive. A cousin of mine use to have toshiba but honestly it did not last a year and it crashed out. At the moment, he has been utilizing acer laptop he acquired about 4 years ago without any setback.

I personally use to have toshiba and within 6 months it started to slow down and crashing steadily. At this moment, i have an Acer and it works absolutely well and fast too than Toshiba which my wife has. These are just a few facts why you are supposed to buy Acer laptop and not toshiba. As a matter of fact, acer is not a well known brand but it still works good just like every other laptop computer.

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