Which Indoor Tanning Lotion to Use

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Indoor tanning lotion when used together with a tanning bed is a great way of obtaining a glowing healthy tan. These days all year round a person can keep their skin tanned without the harmful exposure of the sun. You do not have to use a lotion for a tanning bed but it is by far the smarter choice. There are many high quality lotions on the market now and it is advisable that every tanner should investigate them and use them.

You may need to tan quickly for an upcoming event or occasion. Bronzer lotions will give you a deep darker tan and will usually work the quickest. Bronzers have extra ingredients that speed up the time it usually takes to acquire a dark tan. You will see obvious changes by week two when tanning with a bronzer lotion.

All indoor tanning lotions come with directions and you should be sure to follow them especially as far as applying is concerned otherwise you will find that you develop a streaky tan. This is because of incorrect application. You will find many different lotions for those who are experienced in tanning. Since the indoor lotions come without sun block, you may have the sensation of being in the sun. They should not be used outdoors as they contain no SPF and might cause you to burn. Some lotions tingle and these are called sizzle lotions. Sizzle lotions feel hot and will cause redness on untanned skin. These are often proclaimed as the best tanning lotion products since the tingle is a reaction that helps darken the skin. Starter tanners along with those with pale skin should not use this type of lotion as the sensation might be very uncomfortable for them.

Many lotions are not made to use on the face. Take note of this when picking your lotion. There are lotions available which have been specifically designed for faces and also those that are made for use on legs to tan them better. A cooling agent has been added to some lotions giving the sensation of a breeze moving by. This can help relieve the heat felt in a tanning bed.

A tanning bed is in a controlled environment and your sessions should last between ten and thirty minutes. After a time of between seven and ten sessions, your tan should be complete. When you are as [Spin]dark|tanned|brown[/Spin] as you want to be, once a week should be enough to maintain your tan year round. The factors depend on your skin type. Obviously a paler skin will need a longer time to darken whereas someone with a dark skin will tan easier. Either tanner should be sure to use a good quality lotion.

Indoor tanning lotions are not the same as outdoor lotions. You cannot use outdoor lotion for indoor tanning beds and get results. Also, the ingredients in outdoor lotion will damage the acrylics of the tanning bed. So be sure you know which lotion you need before buying.

Use only products that are formulated as indoor tanning lotions and be sure to read the instructions on the labels. Consult your doctor if you are using medications. It is also a good idea to talk to the staff at your salon about any medications you might be taking. Remember to moisturize after tanning to make sure that your skin stays hydrated and supple.

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