Where to Purchase Food Storage Containers

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Quality storage containers are necessary to meet the food storage needs of homes, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, bake houses, confectionaries and other foodservice establishments. They ensure safe and organized food preservation and transport. When it comes to purchasing food storage containers, you have to decide where to shop in local stores or online. Depending on leading online restaurant supply stores is a feasible option as they offer branded food storage boxes at attractive prices.

Online Stores for Wholesale Rates

The important advantage of shopping online is that you can get quality storage containers at wholesale prices. Online stores have less overhead costs and other expenses than local stores and can supply branded products at wholesale rates. Buying these bags from reputable online restaurant supply stores offer the following advantages:

Saves valuable time: you can place purchase orders quite easily from your home or office

Wide selection of branded products

Facilities to place bulk orders

Affordable prices

Sizeable discounts: Most online dealers offer attractive discounts for bulk purchases

Convenient and safe payment modes

Free product shipment for purchases that exceed a specific amount

Reliable returns policy

Different Kinds of Food Storage Bags

Popular models of food storage bags include paper food containers, deli containers, foam containers, plastic storage containers, aluminum storage container, and so on. Available in varying shapes, dimensions and designs these different containers are great options to store hot, cold, dried, raw, and keep cooked food fresh.

Plastic food containers: Made of durable polyethylene, they are ideal for storing both cooked and raw food. Most come with resalable lids and spoonable bottoms, and are dishwasher safe.

Aluminum storage containers: These containers are insulated and can retain the freshness of hot and cold food. Compact models that can be used for cooking, transporting, serving, reheating and freezing food are available.

Paper food containers: Paper food storage containers are a convenient choice for storing and take-out of hot and cold food including soups, salads, desserts, and so on.

Deli containers: These food storage bags are leak-proof and microwave safe, and can be used to store pastas, sushi, salads, desserts, rice, burgers and broiled meat products. They are durable, would not dent or crack and also can be used for freezer applications.

Foam container: These boxes keep food fresh for long hours. Most foam hinged carryout containers allow compartmentalized food storage.

Premium Quality Containers for your Food Storage Requirements

Established online restaurant supply stores maintain a large inventory of food storage containers made of quality material. Considering the storage and packaging requirements of your foodservice station, you can buy storage containers that are multi-compartmented, hinged-lid, space-saving and dishwasher-safe. Features that can guide purchase are:

Opaque or clear

Dual purpose freezer and microwave safe containers serve a dual purpose and save time

Variety of sizes

Good stacking qualities


Soak-through resistance

Flexibility to serve different uses

With lids, tight seal lids, without lid

Eco-friendly properties

Square containers are easier to pack in fridge and save space

Buy from a Reputable Supplier

Besides considering all these factors when purchasing food storage containers for your restaurant, ensure that you locate a reputable distributor of restaurant supplies that offers premium quality products, speedy shipping, and wholesale prices.

With the availability of a wide range of web resources, locating a reliable distributor of restaurant supplies is an easy. Articles, blogs, press releases, reviews, testimonials as well as viewing forum discussions can help you find an established distributor. A web search on directories and the yellow pages with your city name or zip code of the region would provide a list of distributors in the area.

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