Where to get help with your parenting skill?

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We are all born with some parenting skill; qualities such as patience, ability to love, and humour, but other skills need to be learned. Parents do not know how to react to situations until they are faced with them and are on a constant learning curve.

The first thing to remember is to never be afraid to ask for advice. Whatever the situation you are trying to deal with, someone else has been through it before you. Your family and your friends are a great source of advice and information, as they may have developed a particular parenting skill that you haven't needed to find yet.

Books and the internet are also a great source of information. A quick look at online booksellers or internet sites shows a massive amount of advice available. It is a good idea to double check parenting skill advice you find on the internet though as it obviously isn't checked or regulated.

Thirdly, your doctor, health visitor, midwife and nurses are available to help you. If you are seriously worried about a health or behavioural problem with your child they are the best people to ask. There are lots of facilities available to help, such as child psychologists, educational psychologists, and in some cases of behavioural problems medications can even be prescribed to help control the symptoms. Do not be worried about wasting the health professionals' time - you aren't wasting their time at all, and they are happy to help. Parenting skill isn't something you have to learn on your own.

Another way to get help with your parenting skill is to go to classes. Many classes and programs are available, either dealing with specific issues or general skills. Your local surgery or social services should be able to provide you with details of these. If you are having serious problems then social services will also be able to give you help. Asking social services doesn't mean they are going to take your children from you so please don't be afraid of asking them for help when you need it.

Whatever issues you have with parenting skill, whether you simply need reassurance, or whether you need serious help, you are not on your own. Millions have had similar problems before you and millions will have the same issues in the future. By using the resources you have available to you, you will give your children the benefit of the best information and parenting skill possible.

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The author is a successful marketing executive and a mother of two boys. She has had a rough ride in the past two years and has successfully saved her family from the brink of disaster by working on her parenting techniques. You can access her free report "New Parenting Style" or buy her book "Solving Teenage Problems" on http://www.teenageproblems.newparentingstyle.com or check your "Parent Stress Intensity Quotient" for free on http://www.stressmanagement.newparentingstyle.com.

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