Where is the Male Audience for Fiction?

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Reading cannot be taken up with studying all the time. A student may not like to study his course textbooks, but if given a story book or novel, then he is likely to read it with sincere interest and dedication. Reading can be a hobby for some, whereas others like to read while travelling to both pass the time and be entertained simultaneously. However, the ratio of females who are reading fiction humor and funny books seems to overshadow male interest. In general, the female population today is taking more interest in reading fiction books, whether online or in published form. So, what is the reason for this uneven interest?

1. Females are thought to be more imaginative and dreamy as compared to men. They like to read books and comics that make them laugh and also take them to a new world. Males prefer to read news and about things happening around the world rather than fiction.

2. As to fiction, males would prefer reading some mysterious books, full of suspense and drama, whereas the same is not true for females. The reason can be deduced from their attitude and nature. Men have always been interested in something that creates curiosity as to what will happen in the end. Females on the other hand do not seem to prefer to read horror stories or thrillers.

3. The greater number of females who are reading humor books can also be due to the interest of portion of the female population that stays at home and takes care of their families. They have more free time and hence utilize it reading comical novels and fiction books.

4. A fiction book that gives a new story and something unique tempts women more than men. There are men who like reading fiction stories, but their number is far less than women. The interest of the female population towards dramatic series and serials that are full of family drama, emotions and interest also supports the fact that they are more drawn towards fiction and story books. They need something they can relate to and consider themselves as a one of the role-players in the book they are reading.

All these points and conclusions show that men are not as much attracted by fiction humor as women. To entice men, particularly young men, a the genre of male-oriented fiction called fratire (short for fraternity satire) was created. Comic novelist Gerald Everett Jones then coined boychik lit, his term for "hipper fratire," aimed at both young men and mature men who like to think about being young. Time and the marketplace will tell whether fratire or boychik lit will capture the male imagination.

Boy-chik Yiddish word for a young man with more chutzpah than brains. It's all about male-centered comic fiction. For more information about funny book, fiction humor, please visit our website.

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