Where Are You Looking for Antioxidant Cream?

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When you are trying to find skin care products that can help eliminate wrinkles and provide the many benefits that scientists have discovered regarding antioxidants, where do you turn? Are you looking to your local pharmacy or grocery store? Do you shop in high end department stores? Are you looking at your local spa or dermatologist? None of these answers are the best way to get the most effective antioxidant cream, and today we will show you why. We will also tell you how you can get the best products at the right prices.

First, we will look at the products offered in pharmacies and grocery stores. This is where the majority of people purchase their skin care products. The easiest way to explain why this is not a great idea is to explain that the products here are marked up thousands of percentage points over their manufacturing costs. In other words, those eight dollar products cost about eight cents to make. If the secret to healthy, youthful skin was available for eight cents, we would all look like teenagers. Instead, these products are made up almost entirely of alcohol and chemicals.

Next, we will look at department store antioxidant cream . Again, you are more likely to get a jar of chemicals and fragrances than anything else. These products are again marked up considerably to make profit, and the biggest difference between these products and those at your local pharmacy is just how much profit the company is making. These products do sometimes add a great ingredient to make the product sound more appealing, but at the end of the day the presence of chemicals will render the ingredient all but useless. In other words, these products are just expensive ways to smell great while destroying your skin.

Last, we will look at the products offered at spas and by dermatologists. Obviously, these people know the skin care business, right? This is where it gets tricky. Many spas and dermatologists certainly offer high quality antioxidant cream. The problem is that they offer it at a premium that makes it hard to afford. So what should you do? The answer is simple- buy direct. Cut out the middleman and simply purchase your antioxidant cream from the lab that produces it. This ensures that you are able to get the freshest product while also removing unnecessary markups that end up costing you more than they should.

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