When Just in Case happens

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This is the story of my medical emergency while traveling in China. On a recent business trip, I found myself in an emergency medical situation. I started out with a minor backache early in the day. This later became a full blown kidney stone attack in the middle of the night. I have a history with them so I knew that I needed treatment and that I needed it NOW.

Before leaving on my business trip, I rented a cell phone from Roberts Rent-a-Phone, "Just In Case". When my kidney stone erupted, I was in bed and could barely move. I groped for the hotel phone but no one spoke English. They didn't even understand the word help. Now in agonizing pain and on the verge of panic, I remembered the rental cell phone sitting on the night stand. Thank God for roberts-rent-a-phone.com. I was able to call my traveling companion and help was on the way.

With my history with kidney stones, I knew that I was in trouble. Without the cell phone I rented form Roberts help was hours away. That may have been too late. I believe that without that international cell phone, I would not be writing this article. So, "just in Case" you're traveling abroad, be safe, rent a cell phone from roberts-rent-a-phone.com"just in Case".

Medical emergencies aside, it is just too convenient to have this simple to use phone with you when traveling abroad. The 800 number that you can give to customers or family back home in the US is a great feature.

C N Haney, Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

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