When Is Permanent Make-Up A Good Choice?

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Many people consider permanent make-up to be simply a time saving solution in their morning routine. The truth is, permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure that can enhance your facial features in ways regular make-up cannot.

There are many reasons a person may wish to permanently enhance their features. General dissatisfaction with their appearance is the most obvious, but other reasons are just as valid. Perhaps you've undergone surgery or an illness that took a toll on your natural features.. Perhaps you've taken a weight loss challenge which left you wanting to chisel your face to match your newly chiseled body. Maybe you just want to spend a little less time fixing yourself up in the morning.

Regardless of the reason, permanently etching some of your features can enhance everything from eyebrows to lips. Also known as micro-pigmentation, the procedural result is close to tattooing, as it implants colour directly onto your skin.

If you find you are lacking eyebrows, you can have them drawn in, in a similar pattern as you would do with an eyebrow pencil. The same holds true for permanent eye liner. You don't have to stick with black for either of these areas, as permanent make up is available in a wide variety of colours.

Not only can you add some drama to your eyes, permanent make up can make your lashes appear longer, or add contours to enhance the shape of your eyes. The artistry of shaping and enhancing your eyes with clever use of colour works under the same concept you would use to apply regular make up. Except, of-course, it's a permanent solution!

Lips are another great candidate for permanent applications. Adding a whisper of colour, reshaping or both, enhancing the lips and mouth are a popular choice. Lips are a prime choice since they tend to lose their vitality over time, and adding some permanent colour will rejuvenate their appearance.

As will all procedures, make sure you find a reputable establishment and check referrals before having any work done. Computer software also allows the clinic to show you before and after photos of yourself to help you make the decision.

Whether your are looking for a subtle line under the eyes, or a dramatic colour for your lips, permanent make-up is a great way to give you the look you desire, without the daily grind of doing it yourself.

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