When Chicago Cubs Rumors Go Overboard

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We all know the Chicago Cubs. They are the team that plays for Chicago, Illinois and is less successful than the other team in their city, the White Sox. Even though the Cubs are known to be the 'Lovable Losers', they are still one of the oldest teams in the city. They continue to play not because they like to win. They do it because they love their city and they love their fans.

However, the team still feels the pressure. Even if they have not won a championship for a hundred years, fans seem so be bummed when they have lost or their play did not go as well. Some fans take it to personally and this is where things get ugly.

What I am talking about is the recent Chicago Cubs rumor about its team players receiving racial discrimination. It is one thing if it is done within the team. Fortunately, that is not the case. However, most of the discrimination comes from its fans. And this has led people like LaTroy Hawkins, Jacque Jones, Milton Bradley and Dusty Baker to leave the team.

What is worse about the situation is that people do not believe their claims. They say that they are just sore losers who do not want to admit that they suck. Fans can go overboard like that. They think that a team's player is there to entertain them and give them what they want. They bash them like there is no tomorrow even if it means hurting their feelings or hurting those around them. A player of the Chicago Cubs is a witness to this. Derrek Lee, one of the most loved players of the Cubs has seen his teammates receive hate mail. He says how bad they can be. He said that he is lucky that he had not received one yet but it is still unfair for fans to do this. They tend to forget that the team's players are human. They commit mistakes, they get hurt and they have families.

Always remember that these guys are trying their best and they are doing it because they love their city. They also do it because they love the fans. Lee even said that the guys love playing because of the great fans. However, it cannot be prevented that some guys will not be able to take the pressure. And with hate mail, it just makes things worse. So instead of putting them down, support them. Tell them they can do better or perhaps offer some constructive criticism instead of just simply putting them down.

This is just an example on how Chicago Cubs rumors can go overboard. It is different when there is so much hate going around the team. It does not only make their play suffer, it also makes their own self confidence degrade. This is a call to baseball fans who is taking it too far. Please remember that this is not just a game. These people have feelings too.


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