What’s Special about ‘High School Musical 3’?

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After the unprecedented success of Disney's last two movies, the next one ‘High School Musical 3 - Senior Year' was a widely anticipated one by millions of fans worldwide, who were eagerly waiting to see how things moved on with Troy and Gabriella. No one would have ever imagined that a musical based on the lives of high school kids would rock the nation as ‘High School Musical' did.

It is a well crafted and energetic movie that has caught the fancy of audiences worldwide. What makes it very endearing is the fact that the movie is a very sincere attempt to bring together excellent acting talent and wonderful music.

The star cast is fresh and their enthusiasm is contagious making them a household name in every state. Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) are a perfect match for their acting talents and dancing skills. Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans is an ideal take for the mean-ambitious kid who wants to be rich and famous one day. Lucas Grabeel as her twin brother Ryan is a brilliant actor and dancer who matches his sister in every frame.

The movie's music and dance are special to all those who have been following it for the past two seasons. The ‘Now or Never' is the best composition and has the perfect blend of crowd noises and pulsating heartbeat sounds. This opening basketball song is colorfully made and beautifully choreographed. ‘Right Here Right Now' - the one that is based on teen love and life's changes; ‘Can I have this dance' - on eternal love; the comical ‘A Night to Remember' and the ‘Just Wanna Be with You' on friendship are soundtracks that need special mention for the videos that were made on them.


The movie is a perfect combo of three main elements: foot tapping music, well choreographed dances and excellent storyline on ever lasting love and friendship. Being a Disney production gives it the extra edge over other musicals that have been made so far. It's a must-see for two special category of audiences - those just out of school and those who are long out of it! It's an ideal weekend take and can be watched on internet TV too.

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