What's in a Cable Bundle For Internet, TV and Phone?

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Stating the obvious would be phone service, television service, and Internet service. What is quite as apparent is what you'll get from these different products, and what's available in different packages. I should also point out that bundling doesn't necessarily you have to get all three products. You can get just two, and in most cases it still qualifies you for a bundling discount.

Cable Bundled Packages
You can bundle from two to three services for your package to qualify as a bundle, and possible get a discount. Typically two products is a double play package, and three products is a triple play package. Cable providers don't offer cellular, so there really is no need to mention quad play here.

Cable Television
You'll need at least the basic cable package in most cases to qualify for a discount, and I don't think much explanation is needed here. As part of your cable TV package, you might also have the option to add HD (high definition) channels, and hardware, such as an HD DVR. You could also get a DVR without HD capabilities if you're happy with a standard digital signal, or don't have an HD TV set. A DVR is a digital video recorder that lets you pause, record, and rewind live television, or schedule recordings for movies and shows to watch whenever you have time. You can also add more channels for a little more money for your standard lineup, or get premium movie channel packages. On-Demand and Pay-per-view channels are available as well.

Cable Internet
High-speed Internet connections from your cable provider can range anywhere from download speeds of 756 Kbps, to over 15 Mbps. The faster the speed, the higher the price. A lot of cable providers also offer email, parental controls, and security software as part of the package. You might opt for a standard cable modem, or a cable modem with a wireless router so you can connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Cable Telephone
In recent years cable providers have also offered home phone service, and is often called digital phone service. It's not a landline, but works nearly the same way in that you use a typical house phone to make and take calls. The difference is cable phone uses voip technology versus a landline. There's also a variety of calling plans like just local, or local with a cent per minute long distance plan, or unlimited local and long distance calling.

Cable Bundling Discounts
There are normally discounts available when you bundle your services. Sometimes, and more often than not they do require a contract. What a lot of people don't know is you can adjust your level of service for each product according to your needs. You don't always have to accept the national advertised offers if they're not quite what you need to get a discount.

Daymon Hoag is the founder of Phone TV Internet, LLC where you can compare internet & cable packages and also internet & phone packages for bundling services.

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