What's Great About Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers

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There are distinct advantages to using a rolling trimmer over a straight edge and knife. For one, everything you need to make your cut is included in one device, and also, rotary trimmers produce an accurate cut whenever they're used. These tools can be used on business documents, greeting cards, photographs, and anything else that can benefit from a clean cut. One tool that you should consider then is a Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmer. These devices are really great cutting tools that are nicely constructed and safe to use. They're also lightweight and portable and would be perfect for crafters, artists, and anyone else who needs one of these tools. If you do - or if you know someone who does - continue reading to find out the five reasons you should look at these great paper cutters.
  1. Three different sizes. Dahle personal rotary trimmers are available in three different sizes: 9" (Model #500), 12.5" (Model #507), and 18" (Model #508). All three of these cutters are lightweight so you can take them with you wherever you go.
  2. Cutting capacity. Each one of these trimmers can cut 7 sheets of paper in one pass. They can cut through paper, photographs, and card stock, making them perfect for use in crafts and art classes. (The portability factor will be nice if you wind up using this type of trimmer in a class.)
  3. The edge of the blade. These trimmers have very sharp ground steel blades the can cut either up or down. But while the blades are sharp, it's unlikely you will injure yourself because each blade is surrounded by a plastic covering to prevent you from being cut. These blades are self-sharpening and provide a beautiful cut every time. If you do eventually need a replacement blade, they are fairly inexpensive and easy to change.
  4. Grid lines and paper clamps. Each of these cutters has a metal base that's incredibly durable. The bases are pre-printed with measurements and a document sizing guide to make it easy to cut your paper down to the right size. The base also has a protractor on it which will be handy if you need to make angled cuts. There is also a paper clamp attached to the base that will keep your work secured as you cut so you don't make any mistakes.
  5. You get what you pay for. The cost of these cutters is as follows: $69.00 for the 500; $79.00 for the 507; and $89.00 for the 508. These prices are very reasonable considering the durability of these trimmers and their cutting capacity. You also get a lifetime warranty as an added bonus.

Rotary trimmers are easy to use and it is always nice to have a cutter that won't injure you, can be moved around without a lot of effort and also has a self-sharpening blade and a document sizing guide. A Dahle rolling trimmer has all of these features, making it an obvious choice if you need such a machine. So why not purchase one for yourself today and enjoy cutting with a Dahle rolling trimmer? You'll probably find it was a great decision.

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