What Your Make Up Says About You

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What Your Make Up Says About You
Cosmetics are essential part of most womenís daily regimen. Like clothes, your make up can say a lot about you and your personality. Corporate women who are always on the go and therefore no longer have time for a mid-day retouch prefer simple long lasting make up while creative and artistic women prefer the bolder and more vibrant tones. Girly girls on the other hand prefer a natural look with lots of pink blush and lipstick. But wherever your dominant personality falls, one this is common among us women and that is our desire to take care of our skin despite the tons of cosmetics we normally use.
One way of caring for our skin is by using organic cosmetics. Natural or mineral makeup used to cater to a select group of women who have sensitive skin. These past few years, however, these types of cosmetics have become more common as several findings on the benefits of using only natural ingredients for the skin especially for the face have emerged. One of these identified benefits is the absence of toxins like mercury, alcohol, cyclomethicone, DEA, dioxane and nitrosamines, which are usually found in non-organic cosmetics. These toxins, usually contained in non-organic cosmetics, enter the bloodstream once applied to the skin. These toxins may cause allergies and prolonged use may be even harmful not only to your skin. Mineral cosmetics, because of its mostly natural ingredients, are also known for its nourishing qualities. Mineral foundation also provides sustenance to the skin and even protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.

On the other hand, not all consumers are ready to accept the benefits of these natural cosmetics. Some actually believe that this is just a marketing ploy aimed to, of course, increase sales. According to them, content of organic versus non-organic make up are almost the same and the hype was only aimed to create a market for these more pricey products. Personally, I think we consumers should learn how to read the labels and see for ourselves which of these contentions are true. We should be able to distinguish the real claims from the marketing campaign. Be wary of cosmetics companies who claim to use all natural ingredients as there is no such thing. Get your organic makeup only from reliable sources with full disclosure of ingredients so you can see for yourself whether itís safe or not. Check that the organic makeup uses USDA Certified Organic ingredients.
Caring for your skin is a serious business as not all damage that we may accidentally cause can be repairable. Afterglow Cosmetics provides an organic makeup line that uses natural and organic infused formula which has beneficial properties that our skin needs. Get your Afterglow Cosmetics at http://afterglowcosmetics.com.

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