What You Can Expect Before, the Day of, and After Your Breast Reduction Surgery

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Before a patient gets the green light for breast reduction surgery, they will need to have a consultation with a surgeon. They will explain the surgical procedure and what kind of results to expect afterwards. They will also need information regarding a patient's medical history. The surgeon will examine and take measurements of the breasts. The patient will want to discuss with the surgeon about the reduced size will alter their body and appearance.

The patient and the surgeon will also discuss the cost of the breast reduction surgery. If insurance won't cover it, then the patient could be looking at thousands of dollars in financing. Of course, it would help if they already had some, most or all of the money up front. This would help to cut down on the cost the patient would have to get for a loan.

The surgeon will administer general anesthesia so that you will be comfortable. The surgical procedure can last a few hours. After the surgery, the patient will be in a recovery room, wrapped in a surgical bra and gauze. Sometimes, the surgeon may have to place a tube in the breasts in the event of any fluids that have to be drained. They will stay in place until the draining has subsided. That could be a few days or up to almost three weeks. Of course, the more drainage there is, the longer the tubes will stay there.

The patient will be sore and may experience some discomfort for the few weeks. Medication will be prescribed to ease the pain. The surgeon will give the patient post-surgery instructions to follow. This will include wearing a post-surgery bra for a while until the breasts have fully healed. It will take a few weeks for the healing and recovery process to take its course.

The success of recovery and healing will hinge on whether or not the patient follows through. They must also be emotionally and mentally prepared to take on any challenges they may face, along with dealing with their changed appearance. Being prepared in that sense can help them move forward and get back to a normal life.

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