What You Can Do to Help Your Dry Skin Feel Alive.

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So you want to change your dry skin into skin that is soft, alive, fresh and youthful? I know how you feel when your skin is dry and even itchy. It's bad enough when you see the skin on your arms flaking but itching is just wrong!

Dry skin is a real problem that seems to be getting worse over that last few years for many of us. Partly due to eating less foods with fat in them. Some fats are good and should be used every day.

Get this - you shed about 2 ounces of skin a month. That's 1 1/2 pounds a year of dry skin falling off your body. If you have dry skin you can bet you are doing more shedding than the average person. How do we get soft, smooth skin?Here is one of my secrets to help you have great skin.

1. Take fish or krill oil every day - this will help the moisture come from within.

2. Buy a big box of salt and mix a few tablespoons with olive oil and rub it all over your body before you shower. Exfoliating takes off the dry and dead skin and will leave your skin soft and free from all that dry skin. This helps with blood circulation too. Your skin will come alive and feel vibrant again once you remove the dry skin and your skin will be able to breath again. You will tingle from head to toe.

Phew, what a great feeling. You can do this as often as you feel motivated. Use you favorite organic moisturizer to complete the transformation. Your skin does know the difference between organic skin moisturizer and the products with chemicals. Try and you will feel the difference.


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