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The one chief reason why self-employed professionals and business houses should consider using VoIP is its advanced technology and its resultant capability to provide most economically many important service features. Interestingly, call recipients need not have VoIP in order to receive your calls made from a VoIP phone. Thus you will not lose any incoming /outgoing calls because of using VoIP. Businesses already using broadband Internet will find it easy to switch over to VoIP system as broadband Internet is the prime requirement to use VoIP.

If you are convinced that VoIP phone system will help you boost your business prospect - as surely it will - you will have to select a reputed and reliable vendor to provide the type of VoIP service you need. There are some pertinent issues you need to seriously consider while seeking quotes from different potential vendors for VoIP system. Instead of deciding on a vendor who offers the lowest quote, it is safer to select a vendor whose services are reliable and has a sound track record.

  • The vendor must be willing to train your employees on the correct use of VoIP system and the ability to access all its features. This is necessary to avoid start up delays and making your employees needlessly tamper with the system.

  • Try to know in clear terms the arrangements for system maintenance - What about system maintenance? Will the vendor maintain the system and rectify problems remotely, or will they visit your office to fix the problems?

  • Discreetly find out from the existing clients of the vendors how reliable are the services offered. Check also to find out if they have network performance monitoring in place so they can proactively monitor your problem. You can certainly opt for a vendor who provides this type of maintenance services.

  • What is the vendor's uptime and how do they handle power outages? Choose a vendor who offers automatic data back up.

  • Ascertain what the standard features are and what the optional features are. From a business point of view, you may certainly find useful features like caller ID, follow-me, multiple four-digit extensions, voice mail forwarding to email, after- office hours forwarding, system administration management, etc.

  • To meet the security needs of your business, the vendor should suggest suitable software or other solutions to for working with your system.

  • Insist on the vendor testing your network to be sure that it has the capability to handle and support the telephone traffic that will be produced by adding a VoIP system.

  • If you receive many favorable reports, then it is likely that the vendor will provide you with good service.

  • Rest assured there are plenty of vendors out there and you should consider all the factors, weigh the pros and cons before making the final selection. Please bear in mind that communication is of critical importance for successfully running any business and you can ill-afford to experiment with wrong vendors. Besides, installing a VoIP system is a big investment and hence you will want a vendor who will provide all the services your business requires, as well as reliable long-term technical support.

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