What Were Some Original Art Materials

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When Earth began spinning, and man suddenly arrived, he could only communicate through stomping, grunting, pulling people with their hair, chucking stones, and growling. Language was not around so he had to find a form of correspondence. Man conceived that it was necessary for him to use more gentle approaches to gain favor from his family. Art materials in the very beginning were terribly crude but, did the chore required of them.

There was no written word when man made his presence in this world. In order for people to try to explain the way they were feeling, someone got the bright idea to paint pictures upon the interiors of caves, and cliffs. The cliffs and caves became the very first art museums. It is quite interesting what types of materials were used to create these beginning pieces of symbolization.

Since she worked all day at the campfire, cooking, and making sure the flames stayed stoked, she probably picked up a burning piece of wood. Not doing anything purposely, she accidentally scraped the black part on a section of her cave home. Darn it! That was going to be a nasty mess she might never remove! Then it dawned on her; this might be what she could employ to draw flowers on her walls.

All of a sudden, she was exploring all kinds of avenues. She tried numerous types of mortars to get the charcoal to adhere such as: spit, dung, urine, egg whites, blood, animal fat, juices from plants, bone marrow, and clays. She tested berries, grasses, flowers, and ground stones to make beautiful concoctions that would stick admirably to her walls.

The equipment that was employed to administer the paint was of a large variety. Twigs, moss, feathers, human hair, animal hair, bones, hands, fingers, leaves, and fiber which came from plants are a small list of what was used as a paint mop. Things did not come easy for our ancestors as they had to do with what nature provided them. If they intended to be artisans, then they had to make everything from scratch.

Viewing pictures upon cave walls was wonderful but, what if you wanted to share your drawings with others who lived in distant lands? Yes, rocks could be decorated, and taken with you but, what if your rendition was a little too heavy? Who in the world would want to help you carry it around?

Tree bark, animal skins, large leaves, and slabs of stones were all used in transporting various paintings, drawings, and sketches. It was a good idea at the beginning but, eventually it was seen that the leaves, and tree bark would decompose rapidly. This erased the traces of the work that had been done. Stone slabs were fine unless there were too many and this caused problems when they had to be moved. When paper finally made its appearance, you can bet your bottom dollar, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

From now on, whenever you get ready to employ any art materials, think of all the hardships people had to go through just to begin the picture. They did not have a craft store down the block from which they could procure supplies. You are very lucky that you do not have to acquire the preparations in the difficult ways they did.

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