What type of Brisbane Magician Shall I be?

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There are different categories of magicians in Brisbane. Children’s Birthday party magicians, Roving magicians that perform with a deck of cards, comedy magicians, stage magicians, illusionists, card manipulators, trade show magicians and wedding magicians

This is a quick breakdown of what each field entails:
1. Children’s Birthday party magicians are the busiest magicians in Brisbane. They perform about 6-12 shows a week mainly on the weekend for private children’s parties. This job is a mix of slapstick humour, a genuine like for children and magic with large colourful props. Rarely cards are used for childrens magic shows on Brisbane .
2. Roving magicians. These “close up “ magicians are the second busiest in Brisbane. Close up magic is magic that is performed right up close, in front of adults usually including card tricks and small hand held props
3. Comedy Magicians are usually found in comedy clubs around Brisbane and mix jokes and one liners in with their magic shows.
4. Stage magicians are usually more clean cut than comedy magicians, although they do have some clean non-offensive jokes. Stage Magicians in Brisbane cater for companies that are having an expensive function. They get less work – usually equalling around a large show or two a week. However, their fee is a lot higher that the previous fields of magic.

5. Card manipulators is a form of stage magic that involves appearing and disappearing decks of cards from thin air.
6. Trade show magicians in Brisbane perform magic linked with patter in order to grab the attention of potential clients at special exhibitions and trade shows,
7. Wedding magicians are a lot like roving magicians and usually performed by the same magician
8. Illusionists have the large boxes with assistants and dancers. Again, this is well paid but the shows are not usually promised weekly unless you are a semi famous magician.

Its best to start of with the question whether you want to be working with children or with adults. After that question you can then decide if you are more comfortable performing magic on stage with a distance from you and the audience or whether you want to be up close to them performing sleight of hand card tricks. Whatever you decide, make sure that you keep to your niche instead of becoming a jack of all trades.

Brisbane magician Stephanie Lee-Harper is Queensland’s only Female comedy stage magician. For more information see http://www.100percentmagic.com

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