What to Know about Regional Mexican Cuisine

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by Christine Szalay-Kudra

There is more to Mexican cuisine than what you can experience in a restaurant. Each area of Mexico has its own unique flavors and specialties for you to enjoy. Mexico is divided into three major regions... the North, the Central, and the South. Smaller regions within each large area also have their own special recipes.

The North is cattle country. Both dairy and beef cows are raised in this arid, rugged part of Mexico. Wheat is also grown, so many recipes will use flour, such as tortillas. Tortillas are made fresh every day and are often used to hold spreads and creamy fillings. The local dairies produce fresh cheeses that are enjoyed in many ways.

Northern cuisine is much simpler than in other areas of Mexico. They also use less spice. Many dishes are prepared over an open flame, adding its own flavor. Beef stews, enchiladas, and beans are common foods in the north. Chilies such as Anaheims are popular in this region for their mildness and subtle heat. Pico de gallo, a salsa made of onions, tomatoes and chiles, is served with most meals.

The central part of Mexico is green and fertile. The Spanish provided a strong influence in this region with foods like almonds, sugar, rice, and pork. Local markets sell fresh vegetables and fruit like chilies, avocadoes, and sweet potatoes. One of the local favorites is picadillo. This is a filling made of meat, raisins and almonds that is used for tacos and tortillas. If you visit Veracruz, you will find seafood on every menu. The foods here are a combination of French, Spanish, and African cuisine.

In southern Mexico, you may find yourself wandering the Yucatan Peninsula. Oaxaca is part of this region. This area is known for its rugged terrain and isolated towns. Due to this isolation, Oaxaca enjoys a reputation for truly authentic Mexican cuisine. The culinary customs of centuries past are intact here. One of the most delicious local snacks is a dish of grilled chilies smothered in melted local cheese. Travelers from all over the world visit here to enjoy the true taste of Mexico.

Traveling through Mexico allows you to take a culinary tour. What better way to travel? The specialties of each region can easily be sampled by tasting their best known dishes. By the time you have reached the other end of the country, your palate will have learned a whole new culinary language.

Do not forget the Mexican dessert recipes. Mexican desserts are a fabulous experience of their own. From creamy flan to amazing cakes, these desserts will take your breath away. Try some bunuelos during the holidays. They are a crisp pastry that are topped with cinnamon and sugar. They are the perfect accompaniment to coffee or Mexican hot chocolate.

As you can see, Mexican cuisine offers a unique way to explore the history, beauty, and culture of Mexico. Try many different recipes from each region to get a true picture of the cuisine. These recipes will help you understand the diversity of foods available. Do not forget to end each meal with a wonderful dessert. Some are only enjoyed at special times during the year, while others are available year round. Mexican cuisine will open your eyes to a whole new world.

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