What to Know about Making Dulce de Leche

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by Christine Szalay-Kudra

You can easily make dulce de leche in your own kitchen. Known as "candied milk" in Spanish, dulce de leche is created by slowly cooking sweetened milk until it is caramelized. This dish is used as both a sauce and a candy.

People all through South, Central, and Latin America love dulce de leche. Even France has a spreadable version of this delicious recipe. Be prepared to give this recipe your full attention when you make it. Milk and sugar are both prone to burning if they are not stirred constantly. Keep the heat controlled at all times.

As it cooks, the water will begin to evaporate from the milk. This thickens the mixture. You want to reduce it until it is about 1/6 of its original volume. The sugar is busy caramelizing while the milk reduces. You can use the final product many ways.

Spoon dulce de leche on ice cream, cake, or flan. You can make it into a creamy candy. Haagen Dazs, a well-known ice cream maker came out with a dulce de leche flavor in 1997. Starbucks followed suit with a flavored coffee. Even the Girl Scouts of the USA jumped on the bandwagon with dulce de leche cookies for their yearly cookie sale.

Dulce de leche may be flavored with lemon, vanilla or cinnamon. In Mexico and South America, you can actually buy cans of dulce de leche that are ready to use. Take a look at your local Latino market to see if they stock some. A stronger version is also made in Mexico. Called cajeta de leche, it is made with a combination of cow and goat milk.

If you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, this is a terrific recipe to introduce to your guests. It has been made for a long time in Mexico, so you can tell them you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo history by making traditional dishes. Practice the recipes a few times before your big event.

The finished texture of dulce de leche should be creamy and sticky at the same time. It is very rich, so do not overdo it. This dish is sometimes called milk jam.

Add dulce de leche to other recipes like pudding and mousse. This creates a dessert with an intensely sweet flavor and a rich feel in the mouth. The combination of the candied milk, egg white, and cream that is required for the mousse will create a dessert that your friends will remember forever.

Dulce de leche can rival a nice rich chocolate. As Mexico is also home to that delectable food known as "food of the gods," it is only fitting that it should also be home to the rich flavor of dulce de leche. Make a parfait, alternating layers of chocolate and dulce de leche. You can mix it into a standard cheesecake recipe if you want to really taste decadence.

You will find that Mexico is full of delicious surprises like this. However, why stop here? Keep exploring Mexican cuisine and see what other treasures you can unearth. You may find Mexico has a lot of culinary surprises that you never knew about.

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Cinco de Mayo history would not be complete without a look at Mexican food and desserts. Mexican desserts are aimed towards people with a sweet tooth. Ingredients like vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon are popular when it comes to Mexican recipes and desserts with fresh fruit are always well loved. If these ingredients sound good to you, you are going to love making Mexican dessert recipes.

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